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Splatoon 2 guide: Octo Samurai

Sector 2 boss — Splats with Honor

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In each of Splatoon 2’s five sectors, you’ll have to defeat a boss like the Octo Samurai to move on to the next area. All but the last of these fights consist of three phases, with each getting just a little harder and faster than the last. For the most part, you only have a couple things to do: Get out of the way and wait for an opening.

Each of these fights is unique, though, so we’ve got videos and tips for all five. Watch the video and remember our tips and you won’t get splatted (as much).

How to beat Octo Samurai

Your fight against the Octo Samurai is a lot different than your fight against the Octo Oven. It’s not as much of a puzzle as it is a straight-up brawl. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks and ways you can avoid getting splatted.

  • Whenever possible, ink to the sides — either by rolling a wide path in front of you or by jump-flicking a narrow, longer path. You’ll be fighting up close and personal a lot in this battle, but you’ll still need to avoid some charges from time to time.
  • Take the fight to the samurai whenever you can. Use the rollers’ jump attack to stay out from underneath him.
  • Stay up close, though, to avoid the samurai’s sweeping spin attack.
  • Just keep hammering away on him. When he jumps away from you, get up close again and keep hitting.
  • For the second and third phase of this fight, it’s largely the same. The Octo Samurai adds a new attack or two, but our advice remains exactly the same: Avoid his long-range attacks on your way close to him and stay close to him.