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Splatoon 2 guide: Octo Shower

Sector 4 boss — Cleanser of Inklings

In each of Splatoon 2’s five sectors, you’ll have to defeat a boss like the Octo Shower to move on to the next area. All but the last of these fights consist of three phases, with each getting just a little harder and faster than the last. For the most part, you only have a couple things to do: Get out of the way and wait for an opening.

Each of these fights is unique, though, so we’ve got videos and tips for all five. Watch the video and remember our tips and you won’t get splatted (as much).

How to beat Octo Shower

This fight is pretty straightforward, but you’re juggling a few tasks all at once. Your ultimate goal is just to snipe the octocopters until they drop the Octo Shower. You can’t deal any damage to the Octo Shower until they drop it and it exposes its tentacle. To do that, though, you’re going to have to do a lot of running and hiding.

  • Use your charger to lay down straight paths toward whatever tower is closest to the Shower. Swim through them to avoid the Shower’s attacks. When you get close, shoot ink up the side and climb on top.
  • Use the various pillars to shield yourself from attacks while you line up sniper shots on the octocopters.
  • You’re only going to pick off one (maybe two) before it flees, so you’re going to have to lay down a new path to another of the towers.
  • Just repeat that until there are no octocopters left and they drop the Shower. Then, shoot the tentacle a couple of times to trigger the next phase.
  • The other phases are just like the first, but with an extra octocopter. Keep using the same techniques and stay behind cover, and you’ll be fine.

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