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For Pistons’ announcer in NBA 2K22, the job was more than just his catch phrase

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WWE 2K22 launch delayed until March

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Zany 8-bit sports mashup Super Slam Dunk Touchdown launching on Xbox One

NASCAR comes back to console video games, with the Unreal Engine

The ‘Field of Dreams’ is playable in MLB The Show 21

In Golf Club: Wasteland, the super-rich putt on the desiccated remains of Earth

Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Toadette drought is finally ending

Art of Rally’s console launch includes new racing course in Kenya

Sports video games double-dip with annual releases and cosmetic battle passes

New Forza Horizon 5 screens showcase 11 biomes on a huge map

Sega’s Football Manager to include professional women’s soccer

Google’s Olympics Doodle is a full-size sports RPG

Knockout City’s next season, ‘Fight at the Movies,’ gets started next week

Grid Legends coming 2022 with cars, trucks, and a ‘classic underdog tale’

How to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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