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Fallen Order skills guide

Here are the best skills to pick up on your way to becoming a Jedi Knight

Jedi Fallen Order skills Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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Once you get to Bogano, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order really opens up. You’ll start earning XP for killing enemies, opening chests, finding secrets, and scanning objects. And when you level up, you’ll get a skill point. Now you can start acquiring skills from Fallen Order’s huge skill tree.

As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to more and more skills. Below is a gallery filled with every skill in the game, as well as our recommendations for the game’s 10 must-buy skills.

Spoiler warning: We’ve arranged these Fallen Order skills roughly in the order in which you can get them. The skills up directly below are for the beginning of the game. Below the spoiler image, you’ll find late-game skills, which necessarily means that we have to spoil things to describing them.

Our 10 favorite skills

All of the skills in Fallen Order fall in one of three categories: Force (left), Lightsaber (center), and Survival (right). Force skills generally give bonuses to your Jedi powers, Lightsaber skills improve your combat abilities, and Survival skills help you live longer.

There are a lot of skills in Fallen Order, and some are much better than others. As long as you’re always retrieving your XP when you die, you should earn plenty of skill points. Here’s what you should them on.

Dash strike (1 point)

The dash strike is one of the earliest skills you can pick up in Fallen Order. It does great damage and gives you a quick way to close the distance. As a bonus, you can jump over targets’ heads and strike their back. This not only looks very cool, it’s a great way to get past enemies who block before you have Push and Pull.

Agile deflection (1 point)

This ability lets you deflect ranged attacks while running on walls or sprinting around the world. This is great for a few reasons.

First, it lets you run by enemies very easily if you don’t want to fight them again. In difficult big group battles, it can offer a small reprieve if you’re getting overwhelmed and need to reposition. It’s a nice tool to have, no matter your play style.

Sprint strike (1 point)

You’re always running around in Fallen Order, and the only time you aren’t sprinting into a fight is when you’re jumping down to one. Sprint strike does a ton of damage, and it’s easy to execute in every fight. It also strikes faster than most enemies block, which makes it great for killing all sorts of stormtroopers.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order spoiler image Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Improved Stims (1 skill point) / Personalized Stims (2 skill points)

These two skills increase the amount that an individual stim canister heals you. On the final few planets, it can be easy to lose all of your health in a pinch. Having to use multiple stims at once means you might just die before they reach you. Let BD-1 rest, and get the most out of each stim.

Note that we didn’t include any of the health or Force increasing skills in here — because they’re boring. But they’re still very good, and you should consider picking them up if you’re struggling.

Grasping pull (1 point)

Grasping pull is a simple ability. It lets you pick up and hold most normal-sized people and creatures. This is probably the most important combat skill in the game. In combination with Force push, you can pick up enemies and chuck them off of cliffs, or throw them back at their own allies. And if you don’t want to use that much Force, you can just stab them in the gut while holding them. This should be your first buy after discovering Force pull on Zeffo.

Mass (1 point) and Howling push (2 points)

Force push is one of the most useful combat skill you’ll find in Fallen Order. Being able to push enemies off of ledges instantly reduces the number of threats you need to deal with.

To really push all enemies around, you need the Mass and then Howling Push upgrades. If you can’t find a cliff, you can still push enemies into walls to stun them. Get these two abilities as soon as you can. They make a big difference in how many targets you can manage.

The Power of Friendship (3 points)

BD-1 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Help BD-1 help you
Respawn Entertainment

This is a mid- to late-game upgrade for BD-1, but it’s also probably the droid’s most powerful. In addition to granting you health, the droid’s stims also refill your entire Force gauge.

In later boss fights in which you can easily run out of Force, this will be indispensable. If you’ve been exploring, you’ll have about six to eight stims, meaning you aren’t in much danger of going down in these fights. Let your stims work for you by giving you free Force on every heal. The extra Force means you can use your most powerful tools more frequently.

Lightsaber throw (3 points)

The lightsaber throw doesn’t do too much damage, but it’s great for stunning enemies. While an enemy is building up an unblockable attack, throw your lightsaber and get in some decent damage while stunning them.

Lightsaber Mastery (3 points)

The Second Sister, dressed all in black, holds a red lightsaber blade. She’s flanked by two specialist stormtroopers.
You’re going to need a bit more damage to go up against these foes
Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

This just gives you bonus lightsaber damage on every attack. If you’re sick of how many times you have to hit those stupid goats on Zeffo, buy this and thank us later.

Switch Attack (1 skill point)

Switch Attack is great for switching your combat stance mid-fight. If you have your lightsaber out as a single blade and walk into a group, why not hold the attack button to do a powerful sweeping attack? And when it’s done, you’re ready with the double blade. When the herd thins, and it’s time to take the last one or two enemies, switch back to a powerful single target attack.

This ability makes combat flow a bit better, and it’s a much easier way to change your stance when the moment calls for something different.

Full gallery of skills

The gallery above displays every skill in the game, including how many skill points they cost, how to use them, what they do, and if they cost Force to use.

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