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Fallen Order guide: All lightsaber, Force, and droid upgrades

Looking for the scomp link or new Force powers? Here’s how to find them all.

Fallen Order lightsaber and BD droid upgrades, and Force abilities guide Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a Metroidvania game — meaning you’ll earn new abilities to access areas that you couldn’t previously reach.

Abilities that unlock new paths are Force powers or upgrades for your droid companion, BD-1. Most of these upgrades and abilities are easy to find, and you’ll run into them during the story. But some upgrades are hidden on hard-to-find workbenches.

Below, you’ll find all of the abilities and upgrades available in Fallen Order. We’ve broken them down by Force abilities, BD upgrades, navigation upgrades (kind of a catchall category), and lightsaber upgrades. In each group, they appear in the order that you’ll get them up in the game.

We’re also going to put a couple spoiler warning images in here help you avoid any surprises.

Table of contents

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order spoiler image Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Force abilities

Force abilities are the Jedi tricks Cal will (re)learn during his journey. They’re your primary way to explore the worlds you visit. Force abilities are all part of the main story, so you can’t miss them.

Wall run

Wall run is the first ability you’ll pick up in Fallen Order.

When you get to Bogano, make your way down to the lowest level. You’ll find it in a long room with a big slope at the end. Just walk up and touch the handprint.

Force push

In the the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo, you’ll run into a long hallway with a locked door. Interact with it, and you’ll learn the ability to push objects and enemies.

Force pull

Jedi Fallen Order guide Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

A bit later, you’ll explore the Tomb of Miktrull, also on Zeffo. Here, you’ll find Force pull. You’ll reach a point where you fall from a high place and lose your lightsaber. This will trigger a Force memory, and give you this new power!

Jedi flip

Right before you reach the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk, you’ll find a bunch of platforms to jump up. After you make the first few jumps, you’ll automatically get a Force Vision teaching you to Jedi flip — Fallen Order’s double jump.

BD-1 upgrades

Your droid companion will also learn new skills over the course of your journey. A couple of these upgrades will come up as part of the main story, but several others are optional — and easy to miss.

Scomp link

Once you have Force push, you can open the way to the scomp link. After the Zeffo temple, return to the Weathered Monument’s meditation zone. Jump off the small cliff and into the area full of stormtroopers. Dispose of them, and then use push on the broken door behind them.

Go inside. Now you’re in a giant piece of Imperial machinery. Walk around and climb up to find a work bench. Interact with it to pick up the scomp link, which lets you open up all kinds of doors and locked crates.


Overcharge is one of those upgrades you have to get. When you first land on Kashyyyk, follow the path until you find a broken panel with no power. Look to your right and cut open some vines blocking a doorway. Walk into the next room to find a bench. Interact with it to get overcharge, which lets BD-1 turn switches on and off.

Slice: security droid

This one is easy to miss, but very helpful in certain situations.

After you free the Wookies on Kashyyyk, walk out the door and look straight ahead. You’ll see a vine hanging in front of you. Grab it, look to your right, and jump to the next vine. Look to your right again and jump back onto the platform. Not only can you unlock a new shortcut from here, you can also pick up slice: security droid, which lets you hack security droids when they reach low health.

Powered zipline

After Kashyyyk, you’ll end up back on Zeffo for another tomb. Follow the objective marker to get you down into an Imperial cave. Move the zipline in front of you to its down position, and two ziplines down into a small room. Approach the workbench and get the powered zipline upgrade.

Slice: probe droid

This is the last upgrade you can really miss.

When you exit the second Zeffo temple and take the zipline up from a new meditation spot, you’ll find a bridge you need to Force push. Instead of doing that, look left to find a workbench. Interact with it to teach BD-1 to slice probe droids, turning them into your own little minions.

Navigation abilities

These are two abilities that don’t really fit anywhere else. They’re abilities that open up new ways to explore the planets. They’re both part of the main story.

Underwater breather

When you enter the Shadowlands in Kashyyyk, follow the objective marker and find Tarfful and Mari. Mari will hand you the underwater breather after your chat.

Climbing claws

On Dathomir, you’ll find your way into the cave of a giant bat-thing named Gorgara. After your first encounter with the beast, you’ll find a dead Nightbrother sitting against a wall. To progress, grab his climbing claws and use them to scale the cliff.

We’re putting another spoiler warning here to give you the option to avoid learning about the remaining two upgrades. They’re both story-based, so you won’t miss them.

Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Lightsaber upgrades

The final two upgrades are for your lightsaber. You won’t miss either of them, but the second one comes pretty late in the game.

Double-bladed lightsaber

You can actually find this upgrade on multiple planets, and different members of our staff found this upgrade at different points in the story. It just depends on which workbench you encounter first, so feel free to choose from Dathomir, Bogano, or Kashyyyk.


The earliest place you can get the double-bladed lightsaber is from a workbench on Dathomir. After you finish your first visit to Bogano, you’ll have the ability to travel to either Zeffo or Dathomir. Zeffo is a very long planet, where you’ll learn ton of new tricks, but it will delay picking up this upgrade for a while. Just keep in mind that Dathomir much harder than Zeffo, so only go if you’re confident in your Fallen Order skills.

On Dathomir, follow the only path you can go on. You’ll run into a hooded figure and gap you can’t jump across yet. Instead of walking away discouraged, look to your left, drop down, and follow a small path to a workbench. Interact with it to pick up the upgrade.


If you don’t want to do Dathomir first, wait until you finish the first tomb on Zeffo. Once you have Force push and the scomp link, you can get into the Ancient Workshop on the third level of Bogano. You’ll find a workbench inside with this upgrade.


If you still don’t have it by the time you reach the final boss on Kashyyyk, you’ll run into an unmissable workbench right next to a meditation spot.

Split saber

At the end of Dathomir, you’ll accidentally crush your lightsaber. Dang. Now you need to go make another one. The entire planet of Ilum exists to get the split saber upgrade, so you have no way to miss it. Just follow the objective markers through the cave to pick up Fallen Order’s final upgrade.

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