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Fallen Order guide: All stim canister upgrade locations

Find every healing upgrade for BD-1

Every stim canister upgrade location in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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You’ll learn pretty quickly in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that Cal Kestis isn’t exactly the strongest Jedi. Especially early in the game, even minor damage will take a huge chunk out of his health bar. There are two things you can do to improve the situation, though: find life essence secrets on every planet, and pick up stim canister upgrades for BD-1.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find every stim canister upgrade scattered throughout Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, and Dathomir.

Table of contents

Bogano stim canister upgrade locations

There are two stim canister upgrades to find on the first planet you visit, Bogano. You can get the first with only the wall run ability, but the second requires Force push.

Binog Mesa stim canister location

Fallen Order Bogano stim canister map location
Use Fallen Order’s map to find the first stim canister upgrade on Bogano
Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

You can get the first of stim canister upgrade as soon as you have the wall run ability (before you leave Bogano for the first time). From the Landing Pad, head to the left toward Binog Mesa and those two arena-like depressions.

Wall run from the first arena to the second. Use the vines around the hole in the center of the arena to climb down.

Fallen Order Bogano Binog Mesa
Look for this vine-lined hole in the Binog Mesa.
Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

The stim canister is at the bottom of the wall. (This is actually the top of the Subterranean Refuge area.)

Landing pad ball puzzle

Before you can solve this puzzle, you’ll have to (re)learn the Force push ability on Zeffo. Once you have it, return to Bogano to find this puzzle.

Right from the Landing Pad, head off of the Mantis. Look for some circular stairs in the ground a little to the right (they’re super easy to miss). Head down, and you’ll find a ball in a cage. (Also, make sure to Force push the wall on your left to pick up a Bogling mascot for the Mantis.)

To solve this puzzle, you just need to get the ball in the socket. Which is much easier said than done.

You can see our process for solving this puzzle in the video above.

  1. Start to the right of the stairs. There’s an indent in the fence next to the lowest point. The ball will settle in front of you whenever you have to reset.
  2. Force push the ball up along the fence on the left side. It doesn’t have to be right against the fence, just mostly straight uphill.
  3. Sprint to the left, and go past the door (the panel with the handle on it), and all the way to the end. It’s four panels up.
  4. Use slow on the ball to stop it just as rolls down onto the stone ramp.
  5. Give it a Force push along the ramp. Don’t charge the push (by holding down the trigger) if you have unlocked that skill. You just want to give it a quick poke.
  6. Hopefully, it’ll follow the ramp and drop into the socket. If it doesn’t, try again.

It’s not easy. What you don’t see in the video above is the 12 minutes of attempts before our success. But keep at it. The stim canister you collect is worth the frustration.

Zeffo stim canister upgrade locations

There are four stim canister upgrades on Zeffo. You can reach the first without any special powers, but the others will require you to have the powered zipline, Force pull, and Jedi flip.

Derelict Hangar stim canister upgrade location

When you land on Zeffo, turn to the right from the Mantis. Follow the path until you reach the clearing with two scazz fighting over a dead stormtrooper. From that clearing, turn left, and keep following the path. You’ll fight a few more scazz in another clearing. Look for a cave that leads into the cliff on your right.

Using your lightsaber to light your way, follow the path on your left around the room as you platform your way up to the yellow chest. Open it for the stim upgrade.

Ice Caves stim canister

You will need at least the Jedi flip and Force pull abilities to retrieve this canister. If you have the powered zipline, you can approach from a different, easier direction.

There are two ways to reach this canister.

From Imperial Dig Site

Starting from the Imperial Dig Site, look for the meditation circle closest to the Ice Caves. From there, keep to the left. There’s a zipline heading up to the Ice Caves, but you can’t just jump to it. Instead, look for a rope to Force pull to you along the left side of the canyon.

Pull the rope, and then swing out to the updraft. If you’re lucky, the updraft should carry you to the zipline, and you’ll ride it the rest of the way up. If your aim is off, just a double jump at the top of the updraft to correct your flight, and land on the zipline.

At the top, follow the path up and around. This stim canister will be on your left. (From here, you can Force pull the hanging vines to return to the Ice Caves’ main room.)

From Ice Caves

In the Ice Caves, fight the Jotaz on the platform to the left of the meditation circle. Cross the platform (to the left of the spinning platforms), and look for a pair of hanging vines. Sprint to the edge of the platform, and Jedi flip toward the vine. Force pull the vine to yourself. This is going to take some careful timing (and multiple tries). Swing over to the second vine, and you’ll land next to the stim canister upgrade.

Imperial Dig Site stim canister

This one is tricky. Make your way to the long bridge with the probe droids and the elevator that goes up to the Imperial Headquarters. Look for a steep zipline along the right side of the bridge that heads up, and jump on.

Hit the dodge button a second before you reach the top, and use you Jedi flip to land on the edge of the platform. Look to your left, and cross the pipe. Force push the wall to reveal a secret room. There’s a stim canister upgrade inside.

Venator Wreckage stim canister

After you reach the final room of the Venator Wreckage, go outside and turn left. There’s a stim canister sitting on the edge of a rock.

Kashyyyk stim canister upgrade location

There is one stim canister upgrade on Kashyyyk. You will be able to collect it on your first visit to the area (but not your first visit to the planet).

Origin Lake stim canister

At the far end of Origin Lake, you’ll climb up a vine wall into the Shadowlands. Instead of climbing that wall, turn around, and look for a lung plant. There’s a series of four lung plants to bounce up here, and at the top, you’ll land next to this stim canister upgrade.

Dathomir stim canister upgrade location

There is one chest on Dathomir. If you head to Dathomir early in the story, you won’t be able to reach this area. Once you have Jedi flip (which means you’ll also have the rest of Cal’s powers), this stim canister becomes available.

Nightmare Ruins stim canister

Facing the front of the Nightmare Ruins, there’s a path off to the right that loops around and up to a platform above the front door. Follow that path — and, while you’re there, pick up the chests along the way.

At the end of that path, you’ll be along the side of the Nightmare Ruins, and a little above where you started. Look for a gap in the wall on the right, and jump across to the stairs. Turn left, and climb up the vine wall you find there. At the top, look for a branch to follow on your left. You’ll find this secret, a stim canister upgrade for BD, at the other end.

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