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Fallen Order guide: Outfit materials locations and maps

Find all of Cal’s outfits with our maps

Cal in the outfits menu Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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You can change Cal’s clothes any time in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Customization > Outfit menu. There are four outfits to find (and five in total, including the Rigger Crew outfit that you begin the game with). In this guide, we’ll show you where to find each of Cal’s outfits in Fallen Order.

Guardian outfit // Zeffo

When you first enter the Abandoned Village on Zeffo, fight through until you reach the rooftops. The first chest is near the cliffside door. Open it to pick up the Guardian outfit material.

Pathfinder outfit // Bogano

Make your way to Binog Mesa on Bogano, and use your new Wall Run ability to cross the narrow passage. You’ll be in what looks like a giant amphitheater. There’s a big hole in the middle, but stay away from it for now.

Instead, walk to the left of the platform and drop down. Take down the Bogano critters guarding the chest and open it to receive the Pathfinder outfit material.

Pilot outfit // Kashyyyk

In the Gnarled Heights on Kashyyyk, Force pull a vine to yourself, and then swing across to a huge hanging log. At the top of that log, turn around and look down. Jump down to the branch below you, and head to the left to find this chest to earn the Pilot outfit material.

Outlaw outfit // Dathomir

In the Nightmare Ruins on Dathomir, follow the long path as it loops back around toward the entrance. Near the end of this path, you’ll pass a gap in the wall on your right where you can see some stairs. Continue past to find this chest and pick up the Outlaw outfit material.

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