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Fallen Order guide: Terrarium seed locations

Find all of Greez’s terrarium seeds with our maps

Greez’s terrarium in Fallen Order Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you can collect 10 total terrarium seeds from four of the planets. If you collect them all, plant them in Greez’s terrarium on the Mantis, and let them grow, you’ll earn the Green Thumb Achievement or Trophy.

In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all Fallen Order’s 10 seeds, which are scattered throughout Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, and Dahtomir.

Bogano terrarium seed locations

Kalpi seed // Subterranean Refuge

To grow a Kalpi, you need to find the seed in the Subterranean Refuge on Bogano. Go down to the big circular room — the one before the long hall where you get wall run. Drop into the water and walk around until you find a vine growing out of the water along the wall. Scan it to get the Kalpi seed.

Featherfern seed // Fractured Plain

To pick up the Featherfern, you’ll need to wait until you have the Jedi flip ability. Once you have it, Jedi flip over to the Fracture Plains on Bogano, and position yourself where you can see the three huts in the distance. Look for a single purple flower sitting on the edge of a cliff. Scan it to get the Featherfern seed.

Zeffo seed locations

Royal Fluzz seed // Weathered Monument

In the Weathered Monument on Zeffo — on your way to the Tomb of Eilram — you’ll find a small ramp that leads down to a locked chest. Next to the chest, you’ll find some pink flowers. Scan them to get the Royal Fluzz seed.

Gillypod seed // Windswept Ruins

In the Weathered Monument area on Zeffo, look for a patch of grass in the sand toward the middle structure. It’s on the roof of the ruins. Walk up to the grass patch and scan to get the Gillypod seed.

Dreamwort seed // Crash Site

For the Dreamwort, make your way to the Crash Site on Zeffo. To the right of the area, swim onto the center island. Scan the Dreamwort plant on the edge of the gray island near the water to get the Dreamwort seed.

Kashyyyk seed locations

Bonshyyyr seed // Imperial Refinery

In the Imperial Refinery on Kashyyyk, look for an enormous upturned tree with roots growing all around it. Scan the roots at the base of the tree to pick up the Bonshyyyr seed.

Milk Grass seed // Gloomroot Hollow

In Gloomroot Hollow on Kashyyyk, stay left instead of following the story path right. Look for a giant leaf sitting next to some bark and jagged rocks. Scan it to pick up the Milk Grass seed.

Mushbloom seed // Origin Tree

In the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk, you’ll come across a group of spiders after your mud slide away from the Ninth Sister. Look for a big mushroom in the back of the area, and scan the little mushrooms around it to get the Mushbloom seed.

Dathomir seed locations

Bleeding Gut seed // Swamp of Sacrifice

In the Swamp of Sacrifice on Dathomir, look for yellow rocks near some water. Look toward the cliff in front of you, and you’ll see a wall of red mushrooms. Scan this area to pick up the Bleeding Gut seed.

Mushling seed // Swamp of Sacrifice

In the Swamp of Sacrifice on Dathomir, in the wide, circular area, you’ll find some red flowers sticking out of the ground. Walk up to the plants and scan them to pick up the Mushling seed.