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Fallen Order guide: BD-1 skins locations and maps

Find all of BD-1’s skins with our maps

BD-1 skins in Fallen Order Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, there are 14 BD-1 skins to find (and 15 total skins, including BD-1’s starting colors). In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all of BD-1’s skins, which you can change in the Customization > BD-1 menu.

Table of contents

Bogano BD-1 skin locations
Zeffo BD-1 skin locations
Kashyyyk BD-1 skin locations
Dathomir BD-1 skin locations
Ilum BD-1 skin locations

Bogano BD-1 skin locations

Z’Gag Wave BD-1 skin // Great Divide

Go to the Great Divide, on the bottom level with the elevator. Look for a chasm you can’t jump, and a bridge that’s bent upward. Force Push it down and walk cross. To your immediate right, there’s a locked chest. Open it with BD-1 to get the Z’Gag Wave BD-1 skin.

Zeffo BD-1 skin locations

BD-1 Blue Leader skin // Derelict Hangar

As soon as you get off the Mantis on Zeffo, walk forward and into the small Derelict Hangar. There’s a chest in here. Open it to get the Blue Leader BD-1 skin.

Swoop BD-1 skin // Crash Site

Go under the center Crash Site wreckage scomp link on the big island. There’s a chest near the cliff face. Use the scomp link to open the chest and earn the BD-1 Swoop skin.

Bestine BD-1 skin // Ice Caves

This chest is at the end of the Ice Caves. Follow the path to unlock all of the elevators, and you’ll come up to an imperial door near your old meditation spot. There are two chests here. Open them both to earn the Cerakote lightsaber material and the Bestine BD-1 skin.

Balmgrass skin for BD-1 // Tomb of Eilram

When you’re trying to get out of the tomb by solving the wind and ball puzzle, there’s a platform near the Guardian and behind the lowest (third) socket. You need to be on that when it lifts up.

Stand behind the socket in the U-bend area — opposite where the Guardian was standing. Give the ball in the socket a gentle push (a quick tap of the trigger) to roll it away from the bottom of the socket, but not all the way out. You’ll have to do this several times to get the pillar all the way down. Climb onto the pillar, and ride it up when the ball rolls back down. (You can see this all in the video above.)

Turn around at the top for the chest to get the Balmgrass skin for BD-1.

Sumi BD-1 skin // Tomb of Miktrull

This is one of the trickiest chests in the game.

Jump up to the second floor of the main room in the Tomb of Miktrull. Pull a lantern off the wall and hold it. Walk onto the giant ice slide and while holding the lantern. (You may need to quickly Force pull again if it slips out of your hands.)

Ride down the slide, and defeat the enemies below.

With your lantern, look up and to your left. There’s a giant vine structure here that you need to burn. Stand near the edge and hurl your lantern. It may take a few tries for it to catch (you can quickly grab the lantern out of mid air if it bounces off), but it’ll eventually burn.

Make your way back up to the main room and to where the vines previously blocked the chest. Open it to get the Sumi BD-1 skin.

Grungio BD-1 skin // Crash Site

Swim to the right side of the center island. Look for the entrance into the semi-circle path. To your left, there’s a chest with the Grungio BD-1 skin inside.

Cantonica BD-1 skin // Venator Wreckage

In the final room of the Venator Wreckage, look to the back of the room and use scomp link to open the chest and pick up the Cantonica BD-1 skin.

Kashyyyk BD-1 skin locations

Sundari Dawn BD-1 skin // Cargo Pad

From the Mantis, turn left and look for a ramp down off of the Cargo Pad. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right, and continue to the corner. Slice the chest with BD, and open it for the Sundari Dawn BD-1 skin.

Stygeon Prime BD-1 skin // Imperial Refinery

Find the small hallway in the room with the giant saw in the Imperial Refinery. Use your lightsaber to cut through the wall of wires for another chest. Open it for the Stygeon Prime BD-1 skin.

Dathomir BD-1 skin locations

Day of the Dianoga BD-1 skin // Witches Horn

From the meditation circle in Witches Horn, climb the tall rock wall. At the top, walk straight through the door and up the stairs ahead of you at the top. This chest is in the room there. Open it for the Day of the Dianoga BD-1 skin.

Yavin Prime BD-1 skin // Upper Strangled Cliffs

Fight your way through the bane back spiders, and up and to the right of the Upper Strangled Cliffs. This chest is on a ledge all by itself. Open it for the Yavin Prime BD-1 skin.

Myrmidon BD-1 skin // Nightmare Ruins

Facing the front entrance of the Nightmare Ruins, turn right. Uses the walls to run over to another platform. Your first time here, you’ll have to face the alpha nydak. Continue across the platform to slide and wall run to another platform. You’ll be able to see this chest below you. Open it for the Myrmidon BD-1 skin.

Ilum BD-1 skin locations

Tibanna BD-1 skin // Jedi Temple

After you solve the puzzle in the main room of the Jedi Temple by moving the crystals to melt the walls of ice, you’ll enter an underwater room. This chest is at the base of one of the pillars on the left side of the room. Open it for the Tibanna BD-1 skin.