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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Coruscant collectibles

Find every chest, databank, Force tear, treasure, and essence on Coruscant

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Cal Kestis in handcuffs being escorted by a Klatooinian guard. Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Every planet and area in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has collectibles to find, including cosmetics and upgrades. You won’t be able to get every one on your first visit to each planet and area, though, since new abilities will unlock new exploration paths — for those, we’ll break them down by the ability you need below.

Our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Coruscant collectibles guide will help you find every chest, databank, Force tear, treasure, and essence on Coruscant in the Rooftops, Renovation Site 4733, Industrial Stacks, Undercity Meats, Freight Handling Depot, Skylane Regulation Station, and Hangar 2046-C.


There are six collectibles in the Rooftops region of Coruscant: two chests, two databank entries, one Force tear, and one treasure.

Chest 1 – Patience emitter

After the yacht crashes and you make your escape, you’ll get shot down off of a pole you’re crossing. When you (crash) land in a small room, look to the left for a chest with the Patience emitter lightsaber part.

Databank 1 – Abandoned Squatter Site

When you reach the first meditation point, take a left. Just past the wall (and before the terminal to open the door to chest 2), take another left to find databank 1.

Chest 2 – Patience switch

From that first meditation point, look to the left to find a terminal BD can slice — it’s right next to databank 1. Open the door, and then use Force Push to close the pipe. Hop across the platforms to find a chest with the Patience switch.

Databank 2 – Squatter Camp

Past the first meditation point, you’ll climb up a wall and take on a trio of scout troopers. When they’re dealt with, check the wall under the graffiti for the Squatter Camp databank collectible.

Renovation Site 4733

There are nine collectibles in the Renovation Site region of Coruscant: two chests, four databank entries, and three treasures.

Treasure 1 – Priorite shard

After your (re)introduction to wall running, you’ll spot a stormtrooper patrol and you’ll have to navigate up a slick ramp. Head back along the left side of the ramp to find the priorite shard sparkling on the ground.

Chest 1 – Coruscant paint

After you wall run your way up to the top, check on the right for a terminal to slice. Open the chest inside for the Coruscant paint BD-1 material.

Databank 1 – Local directory

Just before you reach the Renovation Site meditation point, watch on the left for a terminal to scan for the Local Directory databank entry.

Databank 2 – Desi’s Noodles

After a bit of running, Cal and Bode will decide to avoid a patrol on head through a door. Just inside, have BD scan the counter for the Desi’s Noodles databank entry.

Chest 2 – Priorite shard

A little after you leave Desi’s Noodles, you’ll have to cross a narrow pipe that falls and drops you into the stormtrooper patrol you’ve been avoiding. When the fight is over, take the ramp up from the area and follow it around to the left (Bode will call it a dead end). Swing across the pole to find chest 2 with another priorite shard inside.

Databank 3 – Abandoned Shop

A lot of traversal later, you’ll climb onto a roof where you’ll be able to unlock a shortcut back down to the previous section. Instead of going up (to fight more stormtroopers), look to the left side for some stairs down. In the room at the bottom, you’ll find the Abandoned Shop databank entry.

Treasure 2 – Priorite shard

After databank 3, head back to the roof and clear out the next handful of stormtroopers. Go up the stairs on the left to unlock a one-way door back to the meditation point. Take a left from that door and follow the big yellow arrow on the wall down the stairs. You’ll find another priorite shard treasure under the stairs. (This is also where the narrow passage is to the next section.)

Ascension Cable exploration ability

After the boss fight against K-405, BD will find the Ascension Cable exploration ability upgrade in the corner.

Industrial Stacks

There are two collectibles in the Industrial Stacks region of Coruscant: two databank entries — and they’re both on the senator’s yacht.

Databank 1 – Stolen Treasures

After you’ve gotten onto the senator’s yacht and had your conversation with him, turn around have BD scan the shelves behind you to pick up the first databank entry.

Databank 2 – The Clone Wars

In that same room, head over to the left to find the second databank entry on the floor.

Undercity Meats

Yes, it’s really called that. There are four collectibles in the Undercity Meats region of Coruscant: one chest, two essences, and one treasure.

Chest 1 – Stim canister

When you reach the area’s meditation point, wall jump up the wall over to the left and take out the security droid there. Open the chest it was guarding for a stim canister.

Essence 1 – Force

A bit later, you’ll enter a dark room full of hanging mystery meats. There’s a room off to the left where you can pick up a Force essence.

Freight Handling Depot

There are three collectibles in the Freight Handling Depot region of Coruscant: one chest, one essence, and one databank entry.

Chest 1

Cal Kestis looks at a map showing a chest on Coruscant in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

After you wall run out of the combat zone, turn around. Wall run back across the chasm using the higher set of walls to reach a ledge with a chest on it.

Essence 1

Cal Kestis looks at a map showing the location of a Force essence in Coruscant. Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

In the major combat area — you know the one — look for a green laser wall. Dash through it to find a Force essence. (Note: You can only access this collectible on your return trip to Coruscant, after you’ve unlocked the Merrin’s Charm ability.)

Skylane Regulation Station

There is one collectible in the Skylane Regulation Station region of Coruscant: a databank entry.

Databank 1 – Gonk Droid

After your fight against the Ninth Sister, you’ll find this area’s meditation point. Down the stairs from there, you’ll find a gonk droid at the end of the hall for this databank entry.

Hangar 2046-C

There are four collectibles in the Hangar 2046-C region of Coruscant: one chest, one databank, and two treasures.

Databank 1 – Air Traffic Control Perch

After wall-running along the billboards, you’ll head up a curved staircase that leads to a few stormtroopers and a purge trooper. Check the terminal there for the Air Traffic Control Perch databank entry.

Treasure 1 - Priorite shard

Cal Kestis looks at a map showing priorite on Coruscant. Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Right before you enter the obvious showdown area, look to the left of the platform. You’ll find a priorite shard.

We’ll be heading to Koboh next, or you can check out all of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides here.

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