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Should you go to Shattered Moon or back to Koboh in Jedi: Survivor?

Which destination to go to first during the ‘Research Tanalorr’ mission

Cal Kestis rides a zipwire on Shattered Moon in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s “Research Tanalorr” mission, which begins at the end of your first visit to Jedha, tasks you with checking out two locations: a research lab on Shattered Moon and a Jedi’s private retreat (sounds nice) on Koboh.

So, should you go to Shattered Moon first, or head back to Koboh? You’ll have to do both eventually. And you’ll unlock unique benefits from each — your choice, more or less, comes down to which one you want to do first. Let’s break it down.

Shattered Moon Research Lab First

The Shattered Moon portion of “Research Tanaloor” is a self-contained mission that’s mostly straightforward. The planet itself is one of Jedi: Survivor’s smallest — less a wide-open region like Koboh or Jedha, and more a linear environment like the Coruscant opening stage. You’ll navigate a lot of platforming challenges, and contend with two bosses. You can knock out the whole thing in about an hour.

You’ll also unlock the crossguard stance — a lightsaber stance that trades speed for increased attack power and defensive capabilities. (Also, it visually looks like Kylo Ren’s hacked hilt from the sequel trilogy.) If you want that stance sooner than later, you’re better off visiting Shattered Moon before starting your second visit to Koboh.

Koboh Jedi Retreat First

The Koboh portion of “Research Tanalorr” is largely concerned with navigating a chasm full of lava and stone spires. You’ll have to solve the Devastated Settlement orb puzzle — a sprawling three-part brain-melter that has you moving giant orbs to power up laser beams — in order to cross it. Oh, and you’ll have to fight two bosses.

Along the way, you’re introduced to Caij Vanda, an NPC and cantina patron who teaches you how to hunt bounties in exchange for blaster upgrades. (There are 16 bounties total in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.) You’ll also get the Koboh Grinder ability for BD-1. Its usefulness is limited to certain environmental puzzles on Koboh.

Whether you should Shattered Moon first or Koboh first is largely dependent on which upgrades you want sooner. I’d recommend knocking out the Shattered Moon part first. It’s a shorter mission. You get a new lightsaber stance. Plus, there’s so much other stuff to do on Koboh while you’re there.

Once you’ve completed both, get started on hunting down stim canisters, or see all of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides here.

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