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All Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stances and where to find them

Cal’s got a lot more options for fighting styles

Cal Kestis with BD-1 on his shoulder looking at a newly modified Crossguard lightsaber Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives Cal a lot more options for how to fight than he had in the first game. You’ll start with the same two lightsaber stances you had in Fallen Order single and double-bladed.

Not long into Survivor, though, Cal starts to expand his repertoire. Our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor lightsaber stances guide will tell you how and where to unlock each one, and the best ways to use them.

Changing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stances

Cal can only have two stances equipped at a time — they’re mapped to left and right on the D-pad. You can only change the stances you have equipped at a workbench (just like changing your lightsaber or BD’s components or materials).

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stance strengths and uses

Each of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s stance has its own strengths, weaknesses, and uses.

  • Single is the default and simplest stance. Cal will have one blade of his lightsaber out for a general-purpose stance that balances speed (of your attacks), power, and defense. Its special attack is a focused swing on a single enemy.
  • Double-bladed is the Darth Maul-looking stance with two lightsaber blades coming out of a central hilt. The double-bladed stance is best for groups of enemies, slightly increasing speed and defense at the cost of slightly reduced power. Its special attack sends the (double-bladed) lightsaber whirling around Cal in a circle, hitting multiple enemies.
  • Dual wield separates Cal’s lightsaber(s) into two — one for each hand. Dual wielding is the fastest and most aggressive stance, emphasizing speed at the cost of defense (but not power).
  • Crossguard is the Kylo Ren stance that adds a crossguard to Cal’s lightsaber. The Crossguard stance turns Cal’s lightsaber into a much heavier and slower weapon (and, frankly, turns him into a beast). Crossguard is the most powerful stance and the best for defense, but it’s extremely slow.
  • Blaster adds, as you might expect, a blaster to Cal’s fighting. And it is, in fact, as cool as it sounds.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stance locations

You’ll unlock one new stance for Cal very early in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — at the end of a boss fight on the first planet. The other two will have to wait a while.

Dual Wield stance location

Kal Kestis fighting the Ninth Sister on Coruscant Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

You’ll unlock the Dual Wield stance during your fight against the Ninth Sister on Coruscant — the first planet you explore — right after you complete the “Escape Undercity Meats” objective.

Blaster stance location

Cal Kestis, Bode, and Merrin standing by the Stinger Mantis on Jedha Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

After you explore Coruscant and Koboh, you’ll head to the planet Jedha. Once you complete the “Travel to Cere’s Base” objective (and all the associated running around and talking to folks), you’ll head back to the Stinger Mantis to decide whether to go to either the Shattered Moon or back to Koboh. Before you leave, though, Bode will hand you a blaster. And that’s… it. That’s how you get the Blaster stance.

Crossguard stance location

Cal Kestis fighting Drya Thornne on the Shattered Moon Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

After you’ve explored Coruscant, Koboh, and Jedha, you’ll get the choice to go to either the Shattered Moon or back to Koboh. If you choose to go to the Shattered Moon, you’ll pick up the Crossguard stance when you defeat Drya Thornne at the end.

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