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Star Wars Squadrons guide – Mission 7: Into the Abyss tips and walkthrough

Star Wars Squadrons guide: Mission 7 – Into the Abyss tips and walkthrough Image: Motive Studios/Electronic Arts via Polygon

In this Star Wars: Squadrons walkthrough, we’ll help you with tips and tricks for completing Mission 7: Into the Abyss.

Polygon’s Star Wars: Squadrons guides and walkthroughs help you navigate more than a dozen missions set in a galaxy far, far away. For Mission 7, we’ll help you choose a ship and a loadout and understand this mission’s strange setting.

We didn’t want our guides to become narrative novels, so we skipped useless advice like “follow the squad leader.” Instead, every Squadrons walkthrough begins with general tips for the mission, followed by specific strategies for difficult sections and objectives. We wrap up with advice about earning mission medals.

Mission 7: Into the Abyss

This mission sees Vanguard Squadron baiting the Imperial Star Destroyer Overseer into a trap.

Mission 7 tips

  • You have a choice of the three New Republic ships you’ve flown so far, along with full loadouts for each. Don’t get overwhelmed. Pick something you’re comfortable with or just pick the X-Wing, since it’s the most generalized (as opposed to specialized) ship.
  • You won’t be attacking any capital ships or stationary targets, so focus your loadout on ship-to-ship combat and quick dogfights.
  • Focus on TIE Bombers whenever they’re in the fight. They deal the most damage to your convoy, so they’re your biggest obstacle to getting the Fully Escorted Medal.
  • The abyss this fight takes place in is a lot smaller than you’re used to from previous missions. You’ll probably hit the edges of the arena while chasing enemies. If you get the Turn Back notification, just reduce your speed, turn around, and pick a new target.
  • Related to that tip, try to stick relatively close to the convoy. It’ll help keep you on track, and all the enemies will come to you.

Mission 7 Medals

  • Mission Complete. Completed Mission 7.
  • Efficiency Medal. Completed Mission 7 in 13 minutes or less.
  • Enduring Service Medal. Completed Mission 7 without dying.
  • Abyssal Protector. Shot down three missiles fired by the Overseer.

    When switching targets, be sure that the missiles are identifiable on your cockpit’s display to make sure you’ve targeted them. Once locked on, take them down.
  • Fully Escorted. Protected all GR-75s transports.

    You have the choice of three different ships to use in this mission. Choose the A-Wing if you feel more comfortable zipping around and chasing TIE Fighters. If you’d like to take it slow, choose the Y-Wing with a windup turret as your main cannon. The X-Wing is a good option if you want to play it safe and don’t have a specific gameplan.

    Regardless, focus on the TIE Bombers that always target the convoys first, before you take on the faster TIE Interceptors.

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