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Kylo Ren returns to SNL for an Undercover Boss curtain call

This might be the last time Adam Driver plays the part

Contrary to the popular assumption, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker doesn’t close out that family’s nine-movie saga. This does. Adam Driver on Saturday Night Live revisited both Kylo Ren and the Undercover Boss sketch he did four years ago for the premiere of The Force Awakens. It’s pretty alright.

It’s still a riff on the same themes that made the first skit funny so, yeah, it’s somewhat derivative. But hey — this could very well be the last time Driver ever performs as Kylo Ren. Whatever else people want to argue about Rise of Skywalker, Driver busted his ass for that role, so him getting back into character one last time is a treat.

Applause breaks include a disrespectful stormtrooper, Kylo/Randy misapplying a generational slur, and then going all Michael Bolton on a printer. By the way, I’m sure we have more than a few Wookieepedia nerds here, can someone tell me what this post-it note beside Bowen Yang says? My guess is it’s something about Stefon’s lawyer’s girlfriend working at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl.

screen capture of a scene in SNL highlighting a post-it note with alien writing on it Image: Polygon screencap via NBC

And if you’re looking for a recap of the original Undercover Boss spoof from January 2016, here you go:

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