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Battlefront 2’s huge free update takes players back to the best old days of Star Wars

Age of Rebellion brings co-op play to seven locations from the Original Trilogy

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s latest big-time update goes back to the best ol’ days of the Star Wars canon, and by that I mean the “Age of Rebellion,” aka the places and events of the Original Trilogy and the time after the Old Republic fell.

Live as of today’s update, The Age of Rebellion brings two new reinforcements (non-hero combat units, in other words); four more blasters; four capital ships as the Supremacy mode ushers in co-operative play; plus two new maps for the Heroes vs. Villains mode.

There is a metric butt-load of other stuff in the update too, mainly improvements and rebalancing changes for Heroes, some existing reinforcements, and even changes to the UI (including some optimization of the PC version’s chat interface). Most of what’s new is detailed in the video above, but the Cliff’s Notes for the big stuff is:

  • The Ewok Hunter and the ISB Agent are the new units. The Ewok Hunter is the infiltrator unit for the cuddly fighters, who first joined the game almost two years ago. He carries a bow that has a target highlight similar to Lando Calrissian’s Dead Eye ability. The bow shot can be charged, and firing it does not ping the enemy’s radar.
  • The ISB Agent, I had to look that up, but the Imperial Security Bureau has been a fixture of the Star Wars Rebels animated series. The ISB Agent is also an infiltrator, dual wields twin pistols, and her special ability reveals the four enemies closest to her. More are added if she defeats enemies while it is activated, up to 10.
  • Three of the new weapons return from the first Battlefront (2015). They are the DL-18 pistol, the T-21 heavy blaster, and the Cycler Rifle (which had been a Star Card in the first game). The all-new blaster is the E-11D.
  • The Heroes vs. Villains maps are set aboard the MC85 Star Cruiser (the Mon Calamari flagship, although this one was used after the Battle of Endor) and the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer (also from the sequel trilogy’s timeline).
  • The MC85 and Resurgent Star Destroyer join the Venator (the Old Republic forerunner of the Star Destroyer) and the Separatist Dreadnaught (same era) as Supremacy goes co-op with this update. The Venator and the Dreadnaught are the first two maps for players to attack and defend, with the others coming later.
  • The locations appearing (in some cases, reappearing from the first Battlefront) throughout the rest of cooperative play are Yavin, Death Star II, Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt’s palace, and Kessel, from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The full rundown of details is available from the official Battlefront forums. The update is available today and, of course, is 100% free.

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