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Star Wars: The Bad Batch gets a season 2

Disney Plus confirms another year of the clones, a day before the two-part finale airs

Caleb side-eyes Captain Grey the clone trooper in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Image: Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Bad Batch — Dave Filoni’s animated spinoff following seven seasons of The Clone Wars — will return for a second season in 2022, Lucasfilm and Disney announced on Thursday.

The series’ first season wraps up with a two-part finale beginning Friday, so whatever happens to this squad of greatest mistakes, we know that won’t be the final word. The Bad Batch premiered May 4 on Disney Plus, and new episodes have appeared weekly since May 7.

The show revisits a unit of clone troopers introduced in the seventh and last season of The Clone Wars, which aired in 2020. This team didn’t get the memo on Order 66, and so they didn’t follow Emperor Palpatine’s commands to hunt down and kill all the Jedi. Thanks to the mutations that made them a “defective” run of clones, the Bad Batch instead applies more critical thinking to who’s giving them orders, and this show is about the action-packed manner in which they buck that authority.

Our review of the series premiere found a story that was somewhat inaccessible for those unfamiliar with the lore from The Clone Wars. But even if the introduction of sidekick character Omega felt a little forced, we got the feeling that the series would develop, and her character along with it, much in the way The Clone Wars progressed from lighthearted, one-off episodes to much deeper drama and a fresher perspective on the Star Wars universe.

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