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Exclusive: Star Wars is now in the Secretlab gaming chair business

It is a period of civil comfort in the galaxy

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1`Here’s the problem with the Galactic Empire: Emperor Palpatine and his authoritarian military will wipe out entire planets in order to maintain control of the galaxy, but they also have very good artistic direction! The Imperial design team really nailed the whole monochromatic brutalist thing. And thanks to a new partnership with Lucasfilm, Secretlab, purveyor of top-line gamer chairs, is taking full advantage and getting in on the dark side of the Star Wars business.

Secretlab’s Star Wars Imperial Collection was created in collaboration with Lucasfilm, lifting from 45 years of Star Wars concept artist and production design — done by real artists, not Imperial stooges — to produce a line of chairs for the budding Star Destroyer captain. Star Wars fans will have two options: the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Stormtrooper Edition, done in glossy white, or Empire Edition, which gives off more of the Darth Vader vibe. According to Secretlab, this new collection once again prioritizes the kind of ergonomics necessary to play Battlefront II for a little longer than you expected to. Each chair is available in sizes S, R, and XL. Here’s a look:

A black and red Star Wars gaming chair. Image: Secretlab
Image of a white and black Star Wars gaming chair. Image: Secretlab
Close-up of the back of a black-and-white Star Wars gaming chair Image: Secretlab
Close-up of the front of a red-and-black Star Wars gaming chair Image: Secretlab

The Secretlab Star Wars team-up is part of Bring Home the Galaxy, a bigger push by Lucasfilm to paper the town with fan-friendly items that are a little more out-of-the-box. From sunglasses to high-end LEGO builds to a spin on a Hawaiian shirt, seemingly everything is getting its Star Wars version, and the gamer chair was a welcome inevitability.

The Star Wars Imperial Collection is now available for purchase at the Secretlab website.

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