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How to use cheats in Starfield with console commands

You can break the game — if you’re on PC

A swarm of plushie cats on the floor in Starfield Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

You can use console commands to cheat in Starfield, just as you can with other Bethesda games on PC. Whether you want to cheat yourself into more credits or just want a bazillion digipicks, we won’t judge you. Sometimes cheating is fun!

Of course, your mileage may vary, and some of these commands can legitimately break your game. That said, before you start using any of these console commands, make sure to manually save your game, in case you need to revert any of the damage you did.

How to use console commands in Starfield

To open the console in Starfield, press the ` key (above Tab). You’ll get a notice that using some console commands will disable achievements from this save. From there, you can type in or paste in whatever commands suit your fancy. Just type in whatever you want and hit enter to submit. You can close the console by pressing the ` key again.

You cannot use console commands on Xbox.

Useful Starfield console command list

Below we list out some of the more useful console commands. There are definitely far more commands than what we list below, but we’ve only listed the ones that we can confirm work. There’s lots of crossover from the console commands for Skyrim and Fallout, though some of them don’t seem to work, even if the console doesn’t say there’s an error. We’ll update this list as we find more useful commands.

Again, be careful when using these. Some of them may break your game. We’ve marked the particularly dicey ones as dangerous in our list.

Starfield console commands (cheats) list

Command Effect
Command Effect
tgm Toggles god mode
player.setlevel # Set your player level to #.
killall Kill all nearby targets (even your companion)
kah Kill all hostiles
unlock Unlocks doors and containers. Click the locked object with the console up and then use the command to unlock the selected object.
movetoqt Teleports you to your active quest target
player.additem item-ID # Gives you # of whichever item you provided the ID for
player.additem f # Adds # credits
player.additem a # Adds # digipicks
player.additem ABF9 # Adds # med packs
player.additem 3FB19 # Adds # ship parts
player.setav carryweight # Sets your maximum carry weight to #
player.addperk perk-ID Levels up the skill you provide the ID for once. Use this command multiple times to keep leveling up the skill without having to complete the challenges. (See list of perk IDs below)
showmenu sleepwaitmenu Shows a menu that allows you to adjust time
saq Starts all quests (dangerous)
caqs Completes every quest (also dangerous)
psb Give yourself every power
tm Turns UI on/off
tdetect Toggles being detected by NPCs (for easy stealing)
tcl Toggles no clip, allowing you top pass through walls and other objects
help (search term) Gives your IDs and command information for whatever you searched. (see below)

Item, weapon, and skill IDs

In order to give yourself items and skills, you’ll need to know their specific IDs, an alphanumeric combination in the game’s files. Lucky for you, we provide a lot of IDs for useful items and weapons, and all the IDs for the different skills in the game. If you need to look for more items, you can use the help command to find more IDs, which we detail how to do if you scroll down past the following tables.

Item and weapon IDs

These are definitely not all the item and weapon IDs in the game (or else this table would be way too long), but we list out some of the more useful IDs below. We’ll add more useful ones as we find them.

Starfield item and weapon IDs

Item type Item ID
Item type Item ID
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Astra 12E187
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Avitus 1CBA52
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas 21C77E
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Venator 21C77F
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Locus 1CBA4A
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Materia 1CBA49
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris 1CBA4D
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Solis 2D7365
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Tempus 2D7346
Spacesuit Starborn Spacesuit Bellum 1CBA4E
Throwables Frag Grenade 115EF
Throwables Impact Grenade 26D89F
Throwables Incendiary Grenade 26F180
Throwables Particle Grenade 26D89E
Throwables Shrapnel Grenade 26D89D
Throwables Fragmentation Mine 4A41A
Throwables Cryo Mine 389F34
Throwables Stun Mine 3C23E3
Throwables Inferno Mine 389F33
Throwables Tesla Pylon 389F37
Throwables Toxic Gas Mine 3C23E4
Weapon AA-99 2BF65B
Weapon Arc Welder 26D965
Weapon Auto-Rivet 26D964
Weapon Barrow Knife 26F181
Weapon Beowulf 4716C
Weapon Big Bang 26D963
Weapon Breach 547A3
Weapon Bridger 26D96A
Weapon Coachman 26D96B
Weapon Combat Knife 35A48
Weapon Cutter 16758
Weapon Discarded Sidestar 2F413A
Weapon Drum Beat 18DE2C
Weapon Ecliptic Pistol 26D96E
Weapon Eon 476C4
Weapon Equinox 1BC4F
Weapon Grendel 28A02
Weapon Hard Target 546CC
Weapon Kodama 253A16
Weapon Kraken 21FEB4
Weapon Lawgiver 2D7F4
Weapon Maelstrom 2984DF
Weapon MagPulse 23606
Weapon Magshear 2EB3C
Weapon MagShot 2EB42
Weapon MagSniper 2EB45
Weapon MagStorm 26035E
Weapon Microgun 546CD
Weapon Novablast Disruptor 26D968
Weapon Novalight 26D967
Weapon Old Earth Assault Rifle 26ED2A
Weapon Old Earth Hunting Rifle 21BBCD
Weapon Old Earth Shotgun 278F74
Weapon Orion 2773C8
Weapon Osmium Dagger 26D966
Weapon Pacifier 2953F8
Weapon Rattler 40826
Weapon Razorback 0FD6
Weapon Regulator 2CB5F
Weapon Rescue Axe 4F760
Weapon Shotty 26D960
Weapon Sidestar 26D95D
Weapon Solstice 26D961
Weapon Tanto 26D8A3
Weapon Tombstone 2EB36
Weapon UC Naval Cutlass 26D8A5
Weapon Urban Eagle 26D96D
Weapon Va'ruun Inflictor 26D8A0
Weapon Va'ruun Painblade 26D8A2
Weapon Va'ruun Starshard 26D8A4
Weapon Wakizashi 26D8A1
Aid Aurora 2C5884
Aid Antibiotics 2F4436
Aid Bandages 2F4459
Aid Immobilizer 2F445B
Aid Ship Parts 3FB19
Aid Med Pack ABF9
Misc Digipick A
Misc Credits (money) F

Skill IDs

If you want to level up your skills, you’ll need to use the IDs below with the command “player.addperk perk-ID” replacing “perk-ID” with the alphanumeric ID below. Each time you use the command, you will level up the skill (or be granted the skill at level one if you didn’t have it before). This means to fully max out a new skill, you’ll need to input the same command four times.

Starfield Skill IDs

Skill Tree Skill ID
Skill Tree Skill ID
Physical Boxing 2C59DF
Physical Cellular Regeneration 28AE14
Physical Concealment 2C555E
Physical Decontamination 2CE2A0
Physical Energy Weapon Dissipation 2C59E2
Physical Environmental Conditioning 28AE17
Physical Fitness 2CE2DD
Physical Gymnastics 28AE29
Physical Martial Arts 2C5554
Physical Neurostrikes 2C53B4
Physical Nutrition 2CFCAD
Physical Pain Tolerance 2CFCAE
Physical Rejuvenation 28AE13
Physical Stealth 2CFCB2
Physical Weight Lifting 2C59D9
Physical Wellness 2CE2E1
Social Commerce 2C5A8E
Social Deception 2CFCAF
Social Diplomacy 2C59E1
Social Gastronomy 2C5A94
Social Instigation 2C555D
Social Intimidation 2C59DE
Social Isolation 2C53AE
Social Leadership 2C890D
Social Manipulation 2C5555
Social Negotiation 2C555F
Social Outpost Management 23826F
Social Persuasion 22EC82
Social Scavenging 28B853
Social Ship Command 2C53B3
Social Theft 2C555B
Social Xenosociology 2C53B0
Combat Armor Penetration 27DF94
Combat Ballistics 2CFCAB
Combat Crippling 27CBBA
Combat Demolitions 2C5556
Combat Dueling 2CFCB0
Combat Heavy Weapons Certification 147E38
Combat Incapacitation 27DF96
Combat Lasers 2C59DD
Combat Marksmanship 2C890B
Combat Particle Beams 27BAFD
Combat Pistol Certification 2080FF
Combat Rapid Reloading 2C555A
Combat Rifle Certification 2CE2E0
Combat Sharpshooting 2C53AF
Combat Shotgun Certification 27DF97
Combat Sniper Certification 2C53B1
Combat Targeting 2C59DA
Science Aneutronic Fusion 2C2C5A
Science Astrodynamics 2C5560
Science Astrophysics 27CBBB
Science Botany 2C5557
Science Chemistry 2CE2C0
Science Geology 2CE29F
Science Medicine 2CE2DF
Science Outpost Engineering 2C59E0
Science Planetary Habitation 27CBC2
Science Research Methods 2C555C
Science Scanning 2CFCB1
Science Spacesuit Design 27CBC3
Science Special Projects 4CE2D
Science Surveying 27CBC1
Science Weapon Engineering 2C890C
Science Zoology 2C5552
Tech Automated Weapon Systems 27B9ED
Tech Ballistic Weapon Systems 2CE2C2
Tech Boost Assault Training 8C3EE
Tech Boost Pack Training 146C2C
Tech EM Weapon Systems 2C53B2
Tech Energy Weapon Systems 2C59DB
Tech Engine Systems 2CE2DE
Tech Missile Weapon Systems 2C5558
Tech Particle Beam Weapon Systems 2C2C5B
Tech Payloads 143B6B
Tech Piloting 2CFCAC
Tech Robotics 2C5553
Tech Security 2CE2E2
Tech Shield Systems 2C2C59
Tech Starship Design 2C59DC
Tech Starship Engineering 2AC953
Tech Targeting Control Systems 2C5559

How to search for more item codes and commands

By using the help command, you can look up item codes and find other commands. This is useful if you’re trying to duplicate or give yourself a ton of a specific, niche item or hunt down new useful commands.

The command to do this is the following:

help “search term”

For example, if you’re looking for the item code for the different plushies in the game, you can enter the command:

help plushie

This will give you a set of results, with the code listed. For example, the item code for the “plushie galacticat” item is 12DFFD (you can omit the zeros at the start of the ID).

A pile of cheated in cat plushies in Starfield on the ground with the console command up, noting the code for several other plushies Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

You can also narrow down your search further if your search yields too many results, by using the same command with more modifiers:

help “search term” (filter number) (form type)

The filters are numbers from 0-4, corresponding in the following way:

  • 0: All results
  • 1: Functions (commands and scripts)
  • 2: Settings
  • 3: Globals
  • 4: Other (item codes and stuff is in here)

The form type is a four-character identifier that sorts different objects into groups. While some of the form types seem similar to previous Bethesda games, they are a bit different. We’re still sorting out form types and how to use them efficiently, but we’ll update this post once we figure it out.

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