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Stranger Things 2 star Joe Keery has a wonderful Twitter account

I hope they still have our seats

Joe Keery

Joe Keery plays Steve on Stranger Things 2. Steve has some of the best hair on television, and there is an explanation for how that happened in the second season of the show. Steve also spends a significant amount of time babysitting the kids, and he’s a good dad with beautiful sons.

His baseball bats are also, it turns out, his children. We know this because Joe Keery has an amazing Twitter account.

Joe Keery is always worried about getting seats at family dining establishments even in the midst of filming episodes during the show's second season. I like to think they hang out at the Waffle House in-character.

And I mean ... he’s really worried.

Joe Keery is mad at birds.

Joe Keery is unsure which actor plays which character on this very popular Netflix series called Stranger Things.

Joe Keery is still having trouble getting a table.

2017 was kind of a rough year for Twitter, but at least Joe Keery is out there making the space a little bit happier for troubled teens and their amazing hair. He’s figuring this out one day at a time, just like the rest of us.

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