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Street Fighter 5 guide: Knockdowns

What to do when you get hit

So you got hit. It happens. In Street Fighter 4, getting knocked down was a pretty bad thing. Because you were down for a set amount of time, the other player could make a zero-risk attack (the safe jump), and you just had to deal with it. This became the key point of the offense, but things are different in Street Fighter 5.


On a knockdown, you can either hop right up, back away or remain on the floor. Even the way you stand back up is part of the guessing game.

Recovering from a hit in Street Fighter 5

Stand up in place by either holding down or tapping two punches. Roll back by holding back or tapping two kicks.

If you're hit with a crush counter sweep (a low hard kick), you cannot recover and the opponent can set you up as they please.


Reversing a hit in Street Fighter 5

And once you are flat on your back, what do you do about it? That old favorite, Online Ken, has already answered: "Shoryuken!" That brings us to reversals. When you see reversal on the screen, it's referring to a player who executed a move at the very first possible moment that they were able to move. Typically this is after standing up or after guarding.

Combine this with an invincible attack like an EX shoryuken, and you can bust through the enemy's offense as their attacks pass harmlessly through you. Of course, these powerful moves carry the great risk of predictability. (See our section on crush counters to see how risky things can get.)

Speed plays a factor in reversals

Even putting aside knockdowns, reversal command throws can also be very useful when coming out of a block, for example.

  1. Intro
  2. What am I trying to do in this game?
  3. Controls
  4. Basic movement
  5. Basic attacks
  6. The poke game
  7. Knockdowns
  8. Special moves
  9. Control and execution
  10. Combos
  11. Counter and crush counter
  12. Critical meter and critical arts
  13. V-System
  14. Stun gauge
  15. Dealing damage and combos
  16. Character select
  17. Advanced techniques
  18. Good buttons
  19. What’s different in Street Fighter 5 Season 2?
  20. This is just the beginning

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