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How to get Sound Off, the final badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The final badge to get is also the toughest

A question mark covers the Sound Off badge the Final Badge in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Graphic: Nintendo EPD/Polygon | Source images: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo
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Sound Off is the final badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder — and it’s fittingly the toughest to get. While most badges benefit your gameplay, Sound Off does not, though it still offers a fun twist. Our Super Mario Bros. Wonder guide will show you how to get the Sound Off badge, and explain what the final badge does.

[Spoiler Warning: This guide doesn’t mention narrative spoilers for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but does cover what you get for finishing everything in the game.]

What is the final badge, Sound Off, in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Badges are accessories that grant you helpful perks. Whether you’re playing solo or with others, your party can only have one equipped at any given time. Some badges grant useful abilities (you get a longer jump, say, or the ability to briefly float). Some are useful aids (you survive falling into a pit). Others, like the Sound Off badge, are functionally useless.

The Sound Off badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder replaces all sound effects with a cappella recordings of those sound effects, making the game sound like an art school’s campus cafeteria.

The result is sensory overload. Mario games are cacophonous enough as is; switching every single sound effect to human vocalization is... Look. Judge for yourself. You can see (and hear) the badge in action in this short video via MonkeyKingHero on YouTube:

How to get the Sound Off badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Of all 24 badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the Sound Off badge is easily the hardest to get. To get the Sound Off badge, you have to:

  • Get every single Wonder Seed and every Flower Coin. (Our guide on where to find all Wonder Seeds can help you out here.)
  • Finish every level in the Special World.
  • Hit the top of the flag pole on every level.
  • Complete the Final-Final Test: Badge Marathon level in the Special World — a five-star stage that handily ranks among the toughest in the game. Stock up on lives before starting!
Mario stands in front of the Final Final Test Badge Marathon level in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Once you’ve finished Final-Final Test Badge Marathon, you’ll get access to one final house stage called Wonder?. That annoying talking flower will give you the Sound Off badge.

As mentioned, equipping the Sound Off badge replaces the in-game sound effects with a cappella recordings. But by that point, you’ll essentially have finished everything you possibly can in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, so at least you won’t have much opportunity to suffer through it.

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