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Where the Rrrumbas Rule secret exit location in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Find the second flagpole in W6’s Rrrumba level

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Mario standing at the entrance to Where the Rrrumbas Rule in W6 Deep Magma Bog. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo
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Where the Rrrumbas Rule is a level in Super Mario Bros. Wonders W6 Deep Magma Bog. It has the normal stuff — a Wonder Seed, flower coins, and a flagpole at the end — but the level also has a secret exit. Finding it unlocks a path to a hidden level.

Our Super Mario Bros. Wonder guide will walk you where to find the secret exit location in Where the Rrrumbas Rule, allowing you to find the secret exit.

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You’ll find the first two Wonder Seeds and the main exit by completing the level’s Wonder Flower sequence and hitting the flagpole like normal. You can find our walkthrough of them with the rest of W6 Deep Magma Bog.

For the secret exit, start the level again.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Where the Rrrumbas Rule screenshot showing the route to a Wonder Seed. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

The path to the secret exit and third Wonder Seed is early in the level. You need to be in Drill form when you reach the tall pillar just before the checkpoint. Jump against the pillar to knock it over and Wall Jump up into the ceiling. Continue through the narrow gap to the upper right.

Continue along and complete the level at the secret flagpole to receive a Wonder Seed and find the secret exit. This opens a path to Badge Challenge: Boosting Spin Jump 2.

We’ve got guides to help you find every Wonder Seed in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. You can jump to Pipe-Rock Plateau, Fluff-Puff Peaks, Shining Falls, Sunbaked Desert, Fungi Mines, Deep Magma Bog, the Petal Isles, and Special World.

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