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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Lake Kingdom all power moon locations

How to find every power moon in the Lake Kingdom

There are two kinds of collectibles in each Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Lake Kingdom’s power moons.

Power moons 1-3, 5, 8 and 12 are available as you complete the campaign. Moons 34-42 are only available after you break the moon rock.

Lake Kingdom map

Nintendo via Polygon

How to find all Lake Kingdom power moons

Our power moons guide puts the collectibles in the same order as Super Mario Odyssey’s menu.

1. Broodals Over the Lake


Defeat this area’s boss, the Broodal named Rango for this multimoon.

2. Dorrie-Back Rider


Watch for the Dorrie — a Yoshi-looking plesiosaur — in the Water Plaza area. He’s carrying a moon on his back.

3. Cheep Cheep Crossing

There are six alcoves above you as you come out of the Underwater Entrance on your way into the Water Plaza. There’s a moon in the top middle one.

4. End of the Hidden Passage

After you beat this area’s boss, the stairs will appear from the Odyssey’s landing area to a new area called the Courtyard. Handle the Goombas and then use the trampoline on the right. Jump to the ledge above the water on your right, then use the zipper to open up a long hallway. Collect the coins as you run, then take the left at the end to find the moon behind the wall.

5. What’s in the Box?

Drop through the hole in the roof of the Water Plaza dome and follow the coin trail to the back of the shaft. Hit the button to open the doors, then swim up. Hit the button on the right at the top to lower the pillars. Use the trampoline to jump across to the boxes ahead of you. Smash the boxes and the moon will fly across the area to the far side. Use the other trampolines to work your way over to it.

6. On the Lakeshore


Look for a glowing spot near the binoculars in the area around the Odyssey. Ground pound it to reveal the moon.

7. From the Broken Pillar

Exit the lower portal of the Water Plaza dome and turn right. There’s a broken pillar right next to the dome. Ground pound it to reveal this moon.

8. Treasure in the Spiky Waterway

As you swim through the spike-lined tunnel on your way to the Water Plaza, turn right when you see the coin in a bubble, but don’t grab it yet — you’ll get more air in a second and you’ll want that one on your way back through. There’s a chest on top of the ledge down that hallway on the right.

9. Lake Gardening: Spiky Passage Seed

After you defeat Rango, head back to the Spiky Waterway. You’ll find a seed right at the beginning. Pick it up and carry it all the way back to the lower entrance to the Water Plaza dome. Inside, turn left to find a Lochlady next to an empty pot. Throw the seed in and wait. Go collect a few more moons and come back to check on it later — the plant takes a while to bloom.

10. Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

The scarecrow to start this challenge is right next to the Courtyard and the ledge where you found Power Moon 4. Hit the scarecrow, then triple jump across the platforms. Ground pound through the hole in the third one to get underwater. Keep ground pounding (pounding ground?) to get to the bottom of the lake quickly. The moon is right below you.

11. Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Up on the Terrace where you fought Rango, you’ll find the second scarecrow. Use backflips to get up the too-tall blocks.

12. Moon Shards in the Lake

There are five shards scattered around the Water Plaza area. Grab a cheep cheep to make looking for them easier. The first is just to the left of the Underwater Entrance flag. The next is on top of the building in the small dome along the left wall. Swim down to the floor of the lake and head back toward the Underwater Entrance — you’ll see the next shard in a tunnel ahead of you. Turn left from the tunnel and look for some wooden blocks in the wall — smash through them and the seaweed inside for your next shard. Swim up almost to the surface and follow the wall back toward the Underwater Entrance — the final shard is under a ledge near the flag.

13. Taking Notes: Dive and Swim

Right near the beginning of this kingdom, there’s a musical note just under the water. Dive down to it, then make a circuit to collect all of the notes to reveal the moon.

14. Taking Notes: In the Cliffside

There’s a trampoline on the left side of Lake Lamode, next to the Lochlady that wants to meet a cheep and above the dome where you find Power Moon 20. Bounce up to the pipe and enter the 8-bit world. There’s another musical note here. Ride the platform to collect all of the notes and find your moon.

15. Lake Fishing

In the Courtyard, you’ll see a Lakitu fishing from a cloud. Capture him and look for the large shadow of a fish below you. When you catch it, you’ll get this moon.

16. I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep!


Capture a cheep cheep and swim it into the doughnut-shaped island on the left side of Lake Lamode. The Lochlady there will be so excited, she’ll give you a moon.

17. Our Secret Little Room

On the lower level of the Water Plaza dome, there are three alcoves along the back wall. Head into the rightmost one and take a left at the very back to find a secret room. The Lochlady inside will give you a moon.

18. Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad!

Capture a cheep cheep and swim straight through the lower door to the Water Plaza dome. Ignore everyone’s protests and flop your way forward into the pool ahead of you. Swim all the way to the bottom to find Captain Toad.

19. Shopping in Lake Lamode


Grab this one for 100 coins at the shop in the Water Plaza dome.

20. A Successful Repair Job

After you defeat Rango, head into the dome on the lefthand side of Lake Lamode (the door to this puzzle is blocked until Rango is defeated). It’s right next to the Lochlady that wanted to meet a cheep cheep above. Go through the door to find a puzzle. You have to capture one of the stones and roll it around until it will fit into its place. This will either be shockingly easy or infuriatingly hard. There is no in between.

21. I Feel Underdressed

You’ll need 15 of the purple Lake Kingdom coins for this one. Go to the purple coin part of the shop and buy the Swim Goggles and Swimwear. Put them on, then head to the far side of the dome. Talk to the Lochlady next to the locked door. If you’re dressed appropriately, she’ll let you inside. Toss Cappy onto the mannequin in the display window and let him spin for a few seconds to reveal the moon.

22. Unzip the Chasm

Exit the Water Plaza dome and swim to the left. Follow that wall underwater until you see a zipper — it’s near the pillar with the coin in a bubble and the dancing ring of coins below it. Unzip the tunnel and go through the door.

This area is relatively straightforward. Just keep unzipping new walkways until you get the key at the end, then backtrack to the beginning to claim your moon.

23. Super-Secret Zipper

The second walkway you unzip in the area above is shaped like a T. Walk along it to the intersection, then toss Cappy straight forward. This will reveal a walkway for you to cross. Head up the blocks to the left, then unzip the next section of wall. Head to the end and unzip the square in the floor. Release the zipper to grab the moon, then take the pipe back up.

24. Jump, Grab, Cling, and Climb

Head toward the trampoline that’s in the back right corner of the Water Plaza area — it’s near where Power Moon 5 landed. Jump straight up and into the tunnel above it. Use the ledges, moving blocks and trampolines to work your way through this area and avoid the fuzzies. Your moon is waiting for you right next to the exit pipe.

25. Jump, Grab, and Climb Some More

Toward the end of the area above, you’ll ride a section of wall up around a few rings of fuzzies. When you get to the ledge and climb off, wait for the wall section to drop back down. Run out onto it and ride it up. You’ll find a trampoline at the top that will bounce you further up to a chest and your moon.

26. Secret Path to Lake Lamode!

Super Mario Odyssey’s warp paintings are incredibly confusing. They seem to change from game to game in a way that, thus far, we can’t explain. (In fact, we’re perfectly open to the possibility that at least some of them are random, which would explain our consternation.) So we’re going to do two things here: show you how we found this secret path, and show you a gallery of all warp painting locations in the game.

The good news is that the locations of the paintings don’t change. However, the painting you see in a kingdom may be different. For example, we saw a painting of the Luncheon Kingdom in Wooded Kingdom. You may not. If that’s the case, check out the gallery below and make your way to another kingdom.

Snow Kingdom

We found this power moon through a painting in the Snow Kingdom. Warp there, and take over the big, blowing cloud called a Ty-Foo. Fly around the Odyssey and to a brown part on the ice wall. Blow it to the other side, hop out of the monstrosity you took over and enter the painting. You’ll enter a plateau in the Lake Kingdom where the Viewing Balcony warp flag sits. Collect your power moon there.

Seaside Kingdom

We’ve also seen other reports that you can access this power moon from within the Seaside Kingdom. After you defeat the area boss, Brigadier Mollusque, jump into any of the fountains squirting up to where he used to reside. Swim down in the water surrounding the platform, and you’ll find a painting there that could also warp you to the Viewing Balcony.

All warp painting locations in all kingdoms

The gallery above shows the locations of all warp paintings in Super Mario Odyssey. There’s a pattern, too: The first image shows you where you’ll stand on the map facing the painting, while the second image shows you what the painting looks like.

27. Found with Lake Kingdom Art

The hint for this moon is some artwork along the newly reconstructed stairs near the Odyssey. To retrieve it, you’ll have to sail back to the Cascade Kingdom. When you get there, go across the bridge and head up the hill. Keep to the left when you get to the area with the four chomps. Loop around to the left and up the small hill there to find a T. rex. Capture it, then backtrack all the way to the beginning. Very carefully use the T. rex to smash the fossil closest to the toad and Uncle amiibo. Release the T. rex and ground pound the area between Uncle amiibo and where the fossil was. It might take a few tries.

28. Taxi Flying Through Lake Lamode

Use Cappy on the green binoculars near the Odyssey, and search the sky for what at first appears to be a flying ship. Zoom in and keep looking to find the taxi flying through Lake Lamode and get a power moon.

29. That Trendy “Pirate” Look, 30. Space Is “In” Right Now and 31. That “Old West” Style

The following three moons are available from three lock at the location on the map above. You’ll need to dress as a pirate, an astronaut (which you can buy at the end of the game on a level that would make sense) and a cowboy and speak to each of the sisters to earn three power moons.

32. Lake Kingdom Regular Cup

Check out the video above to see the path that took us to victory. In short, you don’t need to take any shortcuts, use Cappy to become a fish as soon as you can, and jumping above the water is often faster than Mario swimming through water.

33. Peach in the Lake Kingdom

Warp to Water Palace Terrace, and you’ll find Princess Peach right by the flag. Speak to her for this power moon.

34. Behind the Floodgate

This power moon is behind the three pillars north of the Odyssey after you beat the game and break the moon rock. Make your way across the water, unzip the ground, drop through and turn around to find it.

35. High-Flying Leap

Warp to the Water Plaza Terrace flag, and turn to face the wall with the green 8-bit style pipe. To its left, you’ll find the moon. Swim over, hit the flower with Cappy to bounce and glide to the power moon.

36. Deep, Deep Down

Warp to the Water Plaza Entrance flag, and then exit into the water. Use Cappy to inhabit a fish, and then swim back into the plaza and down the long water hole in front of you. The power moon is in the water opposite of Captain Toad.

37. Rooftop of the Water Plaza

Warp to Water Plaza Terrace and make your way to the top of the area that holds the dress. Climb a pillar there, and leap to the horizontal area on top of the pillars next to it. Butt stomp the horizontal part to get this power moon.

38. Bird Traveling Over the Lake

In the northwest corner of the lake in front of the Odyssey, you’ll see a glowing bird sitting on a pillar. Swim to the bird to spook it away from the pillar, and then swim back to dry land. Wait in front of the green binoculars for the bird to fly near you, and then hit it with Cappy to get this power moon.

39. Love by the Lake


Travel up the staircase near the Odyssey, possess a Goomba and travel back down the stairs and behind the Odyssey. Approach the Goomba with the red hat to get this power moon.

40. Lake Kingdom Master Cup

As with every master cup you encounter, the trick to beating this is finding shortcuts. Instead of heading straight with the rest of your competitors, go left where the stairs used to be. Toss Cappy in the direction of the missing staircase, jump on him and grab onto the ledge. You’ll skip the slowest part of the course and win, like we did above, easily.

Because the move is fairly difficult to pull off (you’ll see us fail three times before we get it right and still win), we’ve included the GIF below, so that you can watch us do it over and over until you get it down.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press B to jump. (We timed a triple jump so that the final, highest jump was near the water’s edge.)
  2. Press Y to throw Cappy toward the wall.
  3. Press Y again immediately to leap toward Cappy. (If you don’t press it immediately, you’ll just dive to Cappy.)
  4. Hold Y to jump on Cappy. (If you don’t hold Y, you’ll just dive to Cappy.)

41. Waves of Poison: Hoppin’ Over and 42. Waves of Poison: Hop to It!

The final two power moons are hiding in what looks like the top of a gray chimney near the Odyssey. Your goal is to reach two platforms for two power moons, but you’ll have jump between small platforms and avoid the purple waves, which will kill Mario as soon as he touches them. You’ll also need to be a frog.

Our advice is simple: Go slowly. There’s no sense in rushing this, and although the frog’s floating jump will keep you alive, it’s also hard to get used to. Stay put on the platforms while the waves roll toward you, and do that floaty jump you do when the waves are passing by the next place you want to jump. Check out the video above to see us doing exactly that and collecting both power moons.

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