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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Ruined Kingdom all power moon locations

How to find every power moon in the Ruined Kingdom

There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Ruined Kingdom’s power moons. (There are no coins in this kingdom.)

Ruined Kingdom power moon names

  1. Battle with the Lord of Lightning!
  2. In the Ancient Treasure Chest
  3. Roulette Tower: Climbed
  4. Roulette Tower: Stopped
  5. Peach in the Ruined Kingdom
  6. Caught in a Big Horn
  7. Upon the Broken Arch
  8. Rolling Rock on the Battlefield
  9. Charging Through an Army
  10. The Mummy’s Curse

When you first arrive in the Ruined Kingdom, you’ll see a list of five power moons in your menu. Weirdly, you can’t collect them all yet. Also, there are more than five moons. Here’s how it works:

  • You can collect moons 1-4 on your first visit
  • Moon 5 will become available after you defeat Bowser for the final time
  • Moons 6-10 will pop out of the moon rock when you destroy it (which you can only do after you beat Bowser for the final time)

Ruined Kingdom map

Nintendo via Polygon

How to find all Ruined Kingdom power moons

Our power moons guide puts the collectibles in the same order as Super Mario Odyssey.

1. Battle with the Lord of Lightning!


Defeat this kingdom’s boss to get three power moons.

2. In the Ancient Treasure Chest

Just beyond the Odyssey, to the left of the staircase, jump down to a platform. Jump up and grab onto the wall, and shimmy across to a treasure chest. Throw Cappy to open it and collect this power moon.

3. Roulette Tower: Climbed and 4. Roulette Tower: Stopped

Ride the rocket in the area where the dragon rests, and you’ll enter this hybrid 2-D/3-D world where two power moons are waiting for you.

  • 3. Roulette Tower: Climbed: Make your way to the end of the level, and you’ll find this power moon.
  • 4. Roulette Tower: Stopped: When you reach the section with red Koopas, jump up to the top row of blocks and stomp a red Koopa, sending it to the left. Walk left to follow it, and the shell you kicked will clear a path to this power moon.

The only tricky part in this area is your throw timing. When you’re in 3-D, you’ll need to hit P-Switches to stop 2-D platforms, so that you can jump across them to the next section. The trick is to stand in front of the P-Switch and press the button to Cappy not when you see the platform in the place where you want it to stop but when it’s in the place before you want it to stop. Timing your throws like that accounts for the split second gap between throwing Cappy and your living hat connecting with the P-Switch.

5. Peach in the Ruined Kingdom


Return to the area where you fought the dragon, and Princess Peach is in the northeast (to the right of the dragon). Speak to her for this power moon.

After breaking the moon rock


The remaining power moons in the Ruined Kingdom are available after you break the moon rock, which is over a ledge northeast of the Odyssey.

6. Caught in a Big Horn


Return to the area where you fought the dragon, and climb on top of your tired former enemy. This power moon is hiding in his right horn (which is on your left as you climb up). Throw Cappy at the horn, and hold down the throw button to collect the power moon.

7. Upon the Broken Arch

At the top right of the staircase in front of the Odyssey, you’ll see a broken pillar. Ground pound into jumps to reach the top, and then ground pound the glowing area at the top for this power moon.

8. Rolling Rock on the Battlefield

Return to the area where you fought the dragon, and look for a rock lodged in the ground. (It’s behind where you land.) Pick it up, climb to the top of the dragon and throw it off. When it breaks (it took us a couple of throws), you’ll get a power moon.

9. Charging Through an Army and 10. The Mummy’s Curse

Just behind the Odyssey, enter what looks like the gray top of a chimney. You’ll be able to collect two power moons down here.

For both moons, head straight and down from where you enter, ignoring the Chinchos (the zombie-like enemies) who spawn. Throw Cappy at the switch to open the cage door, and capture the Chargin’ Chuck inside.

  • 9. Charging Through an Army: Run up a ramp on either side of where you released the Chargin’ Chuck, and smash into the cage to release this power moon.
  • 10. The Mummy’s Curse: Run back the way you came and destroy the rock wall underneath where you entered. Collect the many coins underneath, and then leave the Chargin’ Chuck and climb the pole on the left side to get back to where you started. Above, there will be a glowing Chincho. Jump on it to release this power moon.

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