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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Mushroom Kingdom all power moon locations

How to find every power moon in the Mushroom Kingdom

There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Mushroom Kingdom’s power moons.

Mushroom Kingdom map

Nintendo via Polygon

How to find all Mushroom Kingdom power moons

Our power moons guide puts the collectibles in the same order as Super Mario Odyssey.

1. Perched on the Castle Roof

Throw Cappy at the scarecrow to the west of the castle, and walk up to the roof. There’s a power moon on the northeast spire (which is at the far left side from where you arrive on the roof). To get it, we hopped onto a nearby tower in the center of the roof and hat jumped to our destination.

2. Pops out of the Tail

From the fountain right in front of the Odyssey, turn west and follow the stream. Just past Talkatoo on the south bank, you’ll see a tree with a strange branch. Jump up and spin Cappy on the Tanooki-tail-looking branch to get this moon.

3. Caught Hopping at Peach’s Castle!

Just to the east of Peach’s Castle, there’s a Toad in a hedge maze. This kingdom’s rabbit is also hopping around here. Jump up on the hedges to get the drop on him.

4. Gardening for Toad: Garden Seed, 5. Gardening for Toad: Field Seed, 6. Gardening for Toad: Pasture Seed and 7. Gardening for Toad: Lake Seed

In the center of the hedge maze where you got moon 3, there’s a Toad with four pots around him. You have to wander the kingdom to find all four seeds and return them here.

  • The Garden Seed is to the west, just down the hill from the maze.
  • Head south from the maze toward the Crazy Cap shop. There are two trees behind the shop. The Field Seed is between them.
  • The Pasture Seed is all the way across the kingdom. Head southwest from the maze, past the Talkatoo, generally in the direction of the lake. There’s a tree on the edge of the kingdom just south of the sheep pen (see moon 12). The seed is right behind the tree.
  • The Lake Seed is, unsurprisingly, in the lake. Head to the Mushroom Pond, swim to the bottom, and take a look around for the seed. Follow the stream back up toward the maze and plant your final seed.

Once you’ve planted all of the seeds, wander off for a little bit. The seeds will blossom in about 15 (real world) minutes.

8. Grow a Flower Garden

Between the Odyssey and the Goomba Woods — just a little north of the hedge maze — look for a double ring of flowers. Do a spin toss to get them all to bloom and you’ll get a moon.

9. Mushroom Kingdom Timer Challenge

Just north of the hedge maze, there’s a Toad admiring a scooter. Grab the scooter and drive over next to the nearby scarecrow. Park it pointing generally northwest. Hop off, toss Cappy onto the scarecrow, then climb back onto the scooter. Ignore everything and just drive straight for the moon. You’ll have plenty of time with the speed of the scooter.

10. Found at Peach’s Castle! Good Dog!

Befriend the dog hanging around the Crazy Cap shop, then lead him to the top of the hill to the southeast of the Odyssey.

11. Taking Notes: Around the Well

To the west of Peach’s Castle, there’s a large well with an 8-bit pipe sticking out of the side. Head in and run all the way around the well counterclockwise to find the note. Sprint back around clockwise, then exit the 2-D world. There will be another ring of notes outside. Just run into the middle of the ring and spin toss Cappy.

12. Herding Sheep at Peach’s Castle

On the far western edge of the kingdom, basically straight west from the fountain in front of the Odyssey, you’ll find a lonely Toad in an empty sheep pen. Your job is to bring his six sheep back.

  • There’s one just to the east of the pen.
  • There’s another straight north of the pen, next to the well from moon 11.
  • There’s one just to the southeast of the Odyssey near the painting that takes you to the Snow Kingdom.
  • There’s another on the eastern side of the kingdom, northeast of Crazy Cap.
  • One is hiding on the western side of the Goomba Woods in the far north of the kingdom.
  • The final sheep is at the eastern side of the Goomba Woods, next to the rocket that takes you to the Picture Match and moons 23 and 24.

Drive all six sheep back into the pen and you’ll get your moon.

Drain the moat

To get moons 13-16 and 38, you to move around in the moat surrounding Peach’s Castle. There are posts around the bottom of the moat. Swim around and pull them all out to drain the moat.

13. Gobbling Fruit with Yoshi, 14. Yoshi’s Second Helping! and 15. Yoshi’s All Filled Up!

For these three moons, you’ll need to be in control of Yoshi. You’ll find his egg on the roof of Peach’s Castle. The easiest way up is to head to the west side of the castle. You’ll find a scarecrow there, but this one doesn’t start a Timer Challenge — it just creates some stairs you can climb up to the roof. Once there, find Yoshi’s egg, hatch it and capture him. Now all that’s left is to collect all 30 pieces of fruit around the Mushroom Kingdom. For every 10 Yoshi eats, you’ll get a moon.

  • Do a loop around the Castle roof and the moat.
  • Make sure you get the large one blocking the pipe in the moat.
  • You’ll find another large fruit blocking another pipe at the north end of the stream.
  • Goomba Woods in the north is full of fruit.

16. Love at Peach’s Castle

Now that the moat is drained, you can bring the Goombette on the north side of the castle a boyfriend. Hike straight north from the castle down into Goomba Woods. Capture and stack up all of the Goombas there. Walk them all the way back to the north side of the castle, then drop down into the moat to make a love connection.

17. Toad Defender

On a ledge above the Goomba Woods, a little to the northeast of Peach’s Castle, there’s a brave Toad guarding a moon in a small alcove. His weakness, though, is Goombas. Drop down into the Woods and capture one or two. Do a wide loop to the east around the pool to return to the Toad. He’ll get out of the way, and you can claim your moon.

18. Forever Onward, Captain Toad!

Captain Toad is in this kingdom, too. This time, he’s right on top of the Crazy Cap shop. Use the crates nearby to backflip up and dive onto the roof. Talk to Captain Toad for your moon.

19. Jammin’ in the Mushroom Kingdom

Talk to the headphones-wearing Toad just to the west of the Odyssey. He’ll ask to hear some flat-n-blocky classic tunes. Play him something 8-bit from your library to earn your moon.

20. Shopping Near Peach’s Castle


Just like every other kingdom, you can grab this moon from the Crazy Cap shop for 100 coins.

21. Mushroom Kingdom Regular Cup and 22. Mushroom Kingdom Master Cup


The trick to winning both the regular and master cups in the Mushroom Kingdom is using Rocket Flowers. As you can see in the image above, they’re peppered throughout the course. Just keep grabbing them with Cappy and rocketing toward Peach’s Castle, and you’ll beat the competition.

23. Picture Match: Basically Mario

In the northeast corner of the kingdom, there’s a rocket that will take you to this challenge. All you have to do is replace all of Mario’s facial features even though you can’t see them after you place them. Take a close look at the image (and use the image above) to place the correct facial features in roughly the right place. Use the features you can still see — like Mario’s hair or his hat — to help you. You need to get at least 60 points to get your moon.

24. Picture Match: A Stellar Mario!

Getting the second power moon from the Picture Match is a lot harder. You don’t get any landmarks this time (like Mario’s sideburns or hat) to help you out. All you get is the outline. It’s intimidating and very frustrating, but it’s doable. The images in the gallery above have some helpful guide lines to get each feature to the right location. But first, and absolutely most importantly, look at the eyes.

If you look closely at Mario’s eyes, you’ll see that the iris is off-center. There’s a thin crescent of white on one side and a thicker crescent on the other. The thin crescent goes down. Just getting the eyes right will make your score a lot higher, as you can see in the second and third images above. In fact, getting the eyes on the right sides gives you a lot of wiggle room.

25. Light from the Ceiling

As soon as you walk into Peach’s Castle, there’s a sun-themed rug on the floor. Stand in the middle of the rug, then switch to 1st-person view (by clicking the right thumbstick). Look straight up at the ceiling at the glowing light above you. When you get it centered, the moon will pop out and drift down to you.

26. Loose-Tile Trackdown


Look for a tile that’s sticking up on the ground floor of Peach’s Castle — it’s between the two sets of stairs on the left. When you ground pound the tile, another will pop up. And another. There are eight tiles total. When you ground pound the last one, you’ll get a moon. Use the image above to guide you to the tiles in order.

27. Totally Classic and 28. Courtyard Chest Trap

For these two, you’ll need the Mario 64 Cap and Suit from the Crazy Cap shop — they’ll cost you 35 purple coins. Head to the cliffs between the north side of Peach’s Castle and the Goomba Woods. There’s a Toad watching a locked door — he’ll only let you in if you’re wearing the Mario 64 outfit.

Inside, you’ll find eight chests you have to hit in a certain order. Use the image above to find the correct order. When you hit the eighth chest, you’ll get moon 28.

While you’re here, jump into the fountain in the middle of the room. Spin Cappy on the top of the star to reveal moon 27.

29. Yoshi’s Feast in the Sea of Clouds and 30. Sunken Star in the Sea of Clouds

For these two moons, you’ll need Yoshi. Use the scarecrow on the west side of Peach’s Castle to get to the roof where you can find Yoshi’s egg. Once you’ve captured him, head toward the mouth of the stream. There’s a tunnel with a pipe inside. A large piece of fruit blocks access, but Yoshi can (happily) eat it. Enter the pipe to travel to a new challenge area.

You’ll have to recapture Yoshi from the egg provided right there in the entrance area. To earn this area’s moon, you’ll have to eat every piece of fruit in the area.

Before you get started, though, go to the left side of the pipe platform. There are two fruits floating just off the platform. Eat them, then step off of the platform into the clouds. There’s a walkway below you. Use Yoshi’s tongue to clear the clouds, then keep walking forward. When you run out of walkway, moon 30 will be on your left.

Head back to the main area. Collect all of the fruit, and you’ll receive moon 29.

31. Secret 2D Treasure and 32. 2D Boost from Bullet Bill

Head to the well on the west side of the kingdom where you collected moon 11. Hop down inside to the 2-D challenge below. The trick to this one is staying in front of the moving dark background (otherwise, you’ll get ejected back into 3-D space and have to start over). You’ll see moon 32 as you make your way through the Bullet Bill-filled area. Use the numerous Bills to give you a boost up to it. Continue through the area to the end to find moon 31.

Power moons 33-38

Mushroom Kingdom power moons 33-38 pit you against all the non-Broodal bosses you’ve faced once again. You access each of these fights via paintings in stone towers scattered around the kingdom. There’s nothing special about these fights — they’re very similar to the first time you fought these bosses, just … more.

33. Tussle in Toastarena: Rematch

This tower is on the west side of the kingdom. The rules of the fight against Knucklotec are the same — capture a fist and punch him in the face. This time, you have to avoid Chinchos while doing it.

34. Struggle in Steam Gardens: Rematch

This tower is in the Goomba Woods, but it’ll take a little extra work to get to it. Warp to the Goomba Woods flag, then look for a large seed on the ground just to the west. Carry it further west and plant it in the pot. Climb up the vine to find the tower and the painting.

You’ve got a lot more energy waves to avoid in this fight, but it’s still very much the same fight. Whenever possible, get to the middle of the room directly under the Torkdrift — there’s a sweet spot right in the center that is out of reach of all the pulse mines.

35. Dust-Up in New Donk City: Rematch

The tower for this fight is on the east side of the kingdom, just south of the hedge maze. This fight is very similar to the first one, but there’s more to shoot. Just keep moving to keep out of reach and keep shooting.

36. Battle in Bubblaine: Rematch

The entrance to this fight is the pipe at the bottom of Mushroom Pond. This is a bit of a shift from the first time, but the mechanics work the same. There’s no ground (or sea) beneath you this time, but the rain will keep your Gushen charged. These changes mean the fight is a lot more straightforward. Just use your Gushen to charge in and deal as much damage as you can before Brigadier Mollosque-Lanceur III, Dauphin Of Bubblaine can run away. This time, you don’t have to ground pound his head. You can deal all of the damage from your Gushen.

37. Blowup at Mount Volbono: Rematch

The tower for this fight is straight southwest of the Odyssey. This fight against the Cookatiel just has some Moonsnakes to avoid. Beyond that, it’s the same fight.

38. Rumble in Crumbleden: Rematch

The entrance to this fight is the pipe on the east side of Peach’s Castle at the bottom of the moat. Drain the moat by pulling the posts, then get to the roof to collect Yoshi. Drop down with Yoshi to eat the fruit blocking the pipe, then head inside. The only change in this fight is that the lightning that lashes out when the dragon drops its head is a lot more intense and wavy — making it harder to avoid.

39. Secret Path to Peach’s Castle!

The Secret Path painting that brings you to the Mushroom Kingdom is in the Luncheon Kingdom. Head to the Remote Island in the Lava (in the far northeast), then down the natural steps on the right side of the island. The painting will take you to Yoshi’s House. Use Cappy to put out the fire in the chimney, then wall jump your way up to the top. You’ll find the moon just above the top of the chimney.

40. A Tourist in the Mushroom Kingdom


To get this power moon, you need to beat the game and return to the Sand Kingdom. Remember the taxi that’s always been there, just south of the town? Speak to a sombrero-wearing little guy near the taxi, who’ll tell you that he can’t wait to take a ride. Then go to the Metro Kingdom and find him again. Follow him through kingdoms (speaking to him will tell you where he’s going next), and eventually his tour will lead him to the Mushroom Kingdom, right by the Odyssey.

41. Found with Mushroom Kingdom Art

This Hint Art is inside of Peach’s Castle, on a wall to the northeast of where you walk in. Travel to the Cap Kingdom and head to the center of town, stopping on the bridge that gets you there. Line up the camera so that the moon is behind the large tower, and then ground pound to reveal this power moon. Check out the gallery above to see exactly what it should look like.

42. Hat-and-Seek: Mushroom Kingdom

To the left of the entrance to Peach’s Castle, a Bonneter is fretting. Speak to him, and then head to the northwest of the Mushroom Kingdom. There, between a few trees, you’ll see a Toad wearing a hat that has eyes. Approach from the back and speak to the hat to get this power moon.

43. Princess Peach, Home Again!

To the west of Peach’s Castle, you’ll find a scarecrow. Throw Cappy at it, and you’ll reveal a staircase that leads to the castle roof. Walk up, and make your way to the balcony in the front of the castle. (It’s the one in front of the stained glass window.) Speak to Princess Peach, and you’ll receive her final power moon.

If she’s not there, then you haven’t found and spoken to her in every other kingdom. Check your power moon menu for a power moon called “Peach in the [kingdom name] Kingdom.” If you don’t see one, head to that kingdom and find Peach there. Then return to the Mushroom Kingdom, and speak to Peach.