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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Sand Kingdom all purple coin locations

How to find every purple coin in the Sand Kingdom

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There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And there are two types of coins: regular gold coins that you can find and spend anywhere and kingdom-specific purple coins. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every kingdom coin in the Sand Kingdom. (Check out our guide to the Sand Kingdom’s power moons to find all of those.)

There are 50 coins to collect in the Sand Kingdom.

Sand Kingdom coins map

Nintendo via Polygon

We’ve broken the purple coins into 31 sets. The images below are numbered to correspond to the map above. We’ve numbered these in such a way that you can collect them all in one continuous loop, starting near the Odyssey and ending near the boss battle area.

1-7: Odyssey to Tostarena Town

1. Walk straight north from the Odyssey. The first pair of coins will be on your right as you approach the town.

2. Head to the left before you enter the town square. Jump onto the umbrella in front of the Crazy Cap shop. You’ll bounce straight up and collect the next set of coins.

3. Use the bounce from the umbrella to land on the roof of the Crazy Cap building to collect another six coins.

4. Drop into the town square to grab the four coins out of the fountain.

5. The next three coins are on a roof in the northwest of town.

6. There’s another set on the ground around the outside of town in the northeast.

7. The next set is on a roof on the southeast edge of town facing the Odyssey.

8-9: Rocket Challenge

These five coins are in a challenge area you can only access after you thaw out the kingdom. You’ll find the rocket on the roof in the northeast of town.

8. Shortly after you make the first left, turn along the rotating buildings, and you’ll see a question mark box in the middle of your path. The first pair of coins are on your right. Wait for the building to rotate to its widest side, then run over and grab them.

9. When you make the next left turn, wait on the platform as the building rolls in front of you. The coins are on a set of steps on your right. Jump onto the front side of the steps when they’re closest to you, then jump onto the steps when they rotate around.

10: Southwest corner


10. These three coins are by themselves off in the very southwest corner of the kingdom. Either warp to the Southwestern Floating Island flag and drop to the ground, take a Jaxi from Tostarena Town, or just walk all the way to the southwest. These coins are just over the edge of the kingdom. Either use Cappy to collect them or hang off the edge and shuffle along.

11: Desert Oasis


11. There are four coins at the bottom of the lake in the Desert Oasis in the southeast of the kingdom.

12-15 Jaxi Ruins

12. Find a Jaxi and head toward the Jaxi Ruins on the east side of the kingdom. Jaxis can run across the poison lake. Use your ride to collect the four coins floating on the little islands in the lake.

13. Ride your Jaxi into the building in the middle of the poison lake. You’ll drop into a challenge area where you have to ride a (different) Jaxi along some narrow, poison-covered paths. Take the first right — don’t cross the moving bridge — to find the first three coins.

14. The next pair of coins are in the large open area where you collect moon 59. These coins are on the right side behind a couple of cactus balls.

15. The last three coins are on the narrow ramp that leads away from that same open area.

16-21: Tostarena Ruins

16. Since it’s close to the Jaxi Ruins, hop down into the Sarlacc pit in the northeast corner of the Tostarena Ruins. The first pair of coins are right near the beginning of the challenge room. They’re hard to miss.

17. Continue through the room along the path until you see the next pair of coins. These are hard to miss, too.

18. The Sarlacc pit will dump you out back on the Jaxi Ruins. Head to the north side of the Tostarena Ruins and look at the wall above the Sphynx. There’s a narrow ledge you can run along. At the end, wall jump up to collect the coins.

19. Return to the Tostarena Ruins Entrance. As you head up the first sets of stairs, the coins are on the left along a narrow ledge.

20. As you continue through the Ruins toward the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower, you’ll find a 2-D area. The coins are obvious, but you’ll have to dodge some Bullet Bills to collect them.

21. The next set of four coins is in the 2-D area around the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower. When you first enter, you’ll loop all the way around the tower before you can start climbing up. Drop into the gap right before you complete your first circuit and enter the room on the left to find these coins.

22-24: Moe-Eye Habitat

22. From the top of the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower, ride the platform west toward the Moe-Eye Habitat. Before the platfrom drops, hit the hat launcher on your right. Jump over the pulse and it with destroy the blocks on the platform on your left. Run over to the platform on the left which will carry you forward into the purple coins.

23. Down on the ground in the Moe-Eye Habitat, capture a Moe-Eye to find the invisible bridge that will lead you to these coins. (You can also look for some birds perched in midair that will give you a hint.)

24. Ride the platform north away from the Moe-Eye Habitat. On the far side, turn right and follow the edge of the canyon. You’ll come to a small gap where you can drop down to a red door. These coins are in the second room. Use the Moe-Eye to find the platform.

25-27: Northwest Tostarena Reaches

25. Head all the way to the building in the northwest corner of the kingdom. Go through the red door to the area where you collect moons 56 and 57. At the second cannon, make your way through the narrow path on the right side of the hall. You’ll find six coins in a room a little further down the narrow hall.

26. The red door will drop you on top of the building. Head north past the scarecrow (Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 1) and drop down the back side of the building. These three coins are in a little alcove along the ground.

27. Head straight east toward the Inverted Pyramid. Look for a pillar tipped back toward you. The coins are at the top.

28-29: The Inverted Pyramid

28. For these two sets, you’ll need to be inside the Inverted Pyramid. If this is your first time through, it’ll be easy to get in. If you’ve already cleared the kingdom, you’ll need to use the nearby slingshot to get back inside. Make your way through the 2-D area and across the outside face of the pyramid. When you get back inside, you’ll be in another split-gravity 2-D area. Head to the left wall — there are two invisible blocks against the wall. It’s a tricky climb, but it’s possible. When you get up to the roof, you’ll find these three coins.

29. When you get to the roof of the pyramid, head straight across. The three coins are on the far side of the raised platform in the middle.

30-31: Underground Temple

30. Drop into the hole beneath the Inverted Pyramid. The first set of three coins is off the the right when you drop in. Use the hat launchers and pulses to clear the blocks out of your way.

31. As you continue through the Underground Temple area, capture and stack as many Goombas as you can. Once you capture the tall stack, turn around and backtrack to find a few more on a roof. Once you have as many as you can get, head over to the three floating platforms. Ride the platform on the left with your stack of Goombas to collect the final set of coins.

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