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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Wooded Kingdom all purple coin locations

How to find every purple coin in the Wooded Kingdom

There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And there are two types of coins: regular gold coins that you can find and spend anywhere and kingdom-specific purple coins. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every kingdom coin in the Wooded Kingdom. (Check out our guide to the Wooded Kingdom’s power moons to find all of those.)

There are 100 purple coins to collect in the Wooded Kingdom.

Wooded Kingdom coins map

We’ve broken the purple coins into 31 sets and numbered them all to correspond to the map above. Follow the numbers, and you can collect them all in one (more or less) continuous loop, starting near the Odyssey.

1-10: Starting area and Deep Woods

1. When the Odyssey lands, turn around. Look for a big boulder near the wall behind you. Climb up onto the wall, then drop down on the other side to find your first coins.

2. Instead of returning to the forested starting area, stay on the narrow wall and follow it south, then east. You’ll eventually come to the next three coins hovering in the air. Toss Cappy to collect them.

Purple coins in the Deep Woods

3. From those three coins, jump into the abyss — this will take you down to the Deep Woods. You no longer have a compass, though, so navigating is a bit tricky. When you land, you’ll see a pipe-pot-thing lit by sunlight. Walk straight toward it. When you are next to it, turn left, then run around the tree in front you. Behind the tree, you’ll find a boulder with a knob on top. Capture it with Cappy, move it out of the way, then grab the three coins from the tunnel behind it.

4. Head back to the path and continue downhill. You’ll pass a glowing spot on the ground on your right (which you can either ground pound or ignore), then you should see another sunlit pipe-pot ahead of you. Run all the way toward it. When you get to it, turn left and watch for a large log extending out over the chasm at the bottom of the hill. The next three coins are at the far end.

5. From that log, follow the edge of the abyss all the way to the far side of the Deep Woods — there will be another pipe-pot when you get there. Turn right and face uphill. There’s another fallen log with three more coins. (From here, if you follow the stream all the way to the top of the hill, you’ll find a seed-dispensing robot and a pipe-pot that will deliver you to the next set of coins.)

Out of the Deep Woods

6. When you climb back up out of the Deep Woods, you’ll end up on the plateau to the east of the starting area. Grab one of the Uproots, then head toward the southern edge of the plateau. The coins are floating at the top limit of the Uproot’s legs, so it’s easier to watch for the shadows.

7. Turn and face the Odyssey, then drop down off of the plateau back into the starting area. You should land somewhere behind the Crazy Cap shop. If you walked straight off the plateau, you’ll have to move a little to your right to find these coins.

8. Turn back to the wall you just jumped off of, then turn right. Follow along the wall until you come to a glowing spot surrounded by four shrubs. Turn to the right, and look for a small, reddish tree right next to a larger, browner tree right in front of you. The coins are in a tunnel through the larger tree’s trunk.

9. Go back to the wall and continue following it until you come to a short, angled stump. Turn to the right and look toward the Odyssey. You’ll see the coins ahead of you.

10. Return to the main path and run back to the Crazy Cap shop. There’s a small tree directly ahead of you (to the left if you’re facing the shop). This pair of coins is hovering over the very top.

11-17: Iron Road: Entrance

11. From the starting area, head through the tunnel toward the Iron Road: Entrance. This set of coins is on a platform on your left.

12. Straight ahead of you as you exit the tunnel, you’ll see a pair of coins at the mouth of the stream.

13. Drop into the stream, and there’s another trio of coins right before the waterfall.

14. Follow the waterfall down into the pond. There’s a pipe at the base that will take you to the challenge area where you can pick up moons 39 and 40. You can find the next set of coins along the way as well.

15. The pipe that returns you from that challenge will drop you right next to some collapsing blocks that will let you pick up the next four coins.

16. When you get back to stable land, skirt around the pond and climb the natural steps next to the Talkatoo. Grab one of the Uproots ahead of you and stretch up to find four more coins.

17. Head around the corner to the left and through the door. There’s a beanstalk inside that will carry you up to the Forest Charging Station. Right before you pass through the roof, you’ll be able to see another four coins in an alcove in the wall.

18-21: Forest Charging Station

18. When you reach the top of the beanstalk, turn (toward the Koopa Freerunning start) and drop down into the Goomba-filled area (where you can pick up moon 21). Turn left and follow the wall. There will be a low opening that you can crouch to get through. This set of coins is in that low tunnel.

19. Once you’re back out of the tunnel, turn left. Climb the natural steps and run past the Sherm at the top. When you hit the wall, turn to the right and run to the very edge of the plateau. If you look around the corner, there’s a series of narrow platforms that you can navigate with some careful jumps (and long jumps). You’ll find these three coins when you turn the corner. (Continue along this way, through the poles and collapsing paths, to find moon 12 and a pipe that will carry you to the next set of coins.)

20. The pipe will drop you behind a wall near the Sherm. Backflip up to the top of the wall to find a few more coins.

21. Look northeast across the Sherm’s area for a yellow pole. Climb up the pole and hop off to collect another three coins.

22-23: Summit Path

22. Climbing up that yellow pipe will drop you right next to the Summit Path flag. Head toward the steep wall with the Rocket Flowers, then look for the narrow path on the right. Follow that path back to find a room behind the steep wall. Climb up and go through the red door. Follow the flower paths around the area. When you get to the part where you have to wall jump up between the red metal wall and the flower path, these coins are behind you at the top.

23. Head back to the steep wall and the Rocket Flowers. Grab one and head up the wall, but stick to the right edge. At the top, you’ll crash into a little nook with another red door. Inside, you’ll have to maneuver a Sherm along an elevator shaft through several rooms. These coins are in the third room — the one with the three Fire Bros. (When you come out of this challenge, you can cross over the the Iron Mountain Path, Station 8 flag.)

24-25: Observation Deck

24. Run up the ramp from the Iron Mountain Path, Station 8 flag and across the field to grab a seed from the Steam Gardener. Carry it back across the field to the P-Switch, then climb the blue and yellow blocks to the Observation Deck. Drop the seed in the pipe-pot at the very top. These four coins are at the end of a beam sticking out of the Observation Deck to the east.

25. Climb up to the top of the beanstalk to enter another challenge area. You’ll pick up moons 41 and 42 here. Near the end, you’ll find these three coins.

26-31: Sky Garden Tower

26. Head back down the ramp to the Iron Mountain Path, Station 8 flag. From the southwestern corner of the platform, hop over railing and drop down. There’re some collapsing blocks that will lead you over to a pole and a small tree. Climb the tree for these coins.

27. Continue north and drop all the way down to the Iron Road Entrance area. Grab an Uproot and continue north through the enclosed wall with the platforms and moon 15. These coins are at the far left side, above the smashable bricks.

28. When you get to the Iron Road: Halfway flag, look straight north — there’s a gap in the railing with a yellow pole on the other side. Slide down that pole, then head back under the platform to find these coins.

29. Climb back up to the Iron Road: Halfway flag, then continue north and hit the P-Switch. (We were still using a captured Uproot in the images above, but this isn’t necessary.) The flower path will carry you out to the metal tower. Before you hit the next P-Switch, turn right and cross the collapsing blocks. Climb over the piston at the end of the collapsing path, then go around the corner to the left to find the next four coins. (Use Cappy to collect them to avoid a lot of stress.)

30. Keep climbing up the tower to collect moon 17, then hit the P-Switch at the top to return to the main path. Hit the next P-Switch you come to to head over to the Sky Garden Tower. Inside, grab an Uproot, hit the P-Switch and start climbing. Early on in your climb, you’ll pass these three coins. Use the pistoning beam to collect them.

31. Once you reach the top of the Sky Garden Tower, look the northeast, then down over the railing. The final four coins will be on a platform below you.

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