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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Lost Kingdom all purple coin locations

How to find every purple coin in the Lost Kingdom

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And there are two types of coins: regular gold coins that you can find and spend anywhere and kingdom-specific purple coins. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every kingdom coin in the Lost Kingdom. (Check out our guide to the Lost Kingdom’s power moons to find all of those.)

There are 50 purple coins to collect in the Lost Kingdom.

Lost Kingdom coins map

Nintendo via Polygon

We’ve broken the purple coins into sets and numbered the images in the galleries below to correspond to the map above. Follow the numbers, and you can collect them all in one (more or less) continuous loop, starting near the Odyssey.

1-4: Odyssey to Swamp Hill

1. Turn around when the Odyssey lands and look over the cliff behind you. You’ll find the first three coins down where you can pick up moon 17.

2. Back on the main island, continue north until right before you get to the bridge. These two coins are above the last tree on your left. Climb up and use the tree’s broad fronds to reach them.

3. Head across the bridge toward Swamp Hill. Before you climb up the first set of seesawing stairs, turn right and drop down to the plateau below you. The coins are on your left.

4. Climb up to the next plateau — the one with the Trapeetles and moon 11. Right next to the blocks containing moon 11, look for a narrow waterfall a little to the south. The coins are just over the edge — you can throw Cappy downwards to collect them.

5-11: Swamp Hill

5. Standing at the Swamp Hill flag, these two coins are at the top of the tree right next to you.

6. Grab one of the nearby Wigglers to grab the four coins floating over the poison pit.

7. Turn to the south, and you’ll find another pair of coins on the left side of the first spinning platform.

8. Use the Wiggler to cross to the ledge to the west, and then continue onto the second spinning platform.

9. There’s a second trio of coins right around the corner. Use the Wiggler to snake around the corner and grab them.

10. Head back to the Swamp Hill flag, then take a Wiggler around the narrow path on the north side of the area. Follow the narrow ledge around to the left, then use the Wiggler to extend out and collect these coins.

11. Keep that Wiggler extended and swing off to the right. Look below you for a branch sticking out of the wall. Release the Wiggler and drop down to grab these coins.

12-15: Mountainside Platform

12. Drop down to the dounut-shaped island patrolled by a Wiggler. Go around the corner to the Mountainside Platform, and head into the 2-D area on the wall where you pick up moon 6. These three coins are near the roof in the middle.

13. Turn around and head back to the doughnut island. Jump onto the shaft that supports the rotating platform and climb to the top. Let the rotation spin you through the two coins at the top.

14. Drop back down, and capture the Wiggler. Extend east to the roots of the nearby tree to grab another pair of coins.

15. Release the Wiggler. Climb the shaft of the other rotating platform to the east to pick up another three coins.

16-18: Rocky Mountain Summit

16. Return to the Swamp Hill flag and cross the spinning platform heading south — along the mountain path with the Trapeetles. Keep heading straight until the path turns. There’s a triangle of flowers here that will give you heart when you make them bloom. Just over the edge of the cliff, you’ll find a couple more coins.

17. Continue climbing up to the Rocky Mountain Summit, then drop down the east side of the cliffs to land near the Talkatoo. Turn around and look at the wall. There’s a single brick block on the left side of the face. Smash it and duck through to collect three more coins.

18. Return to the Rocky Mountain Summit and capture the Glydon there. Head to the northwest corner of the summit next to the Crazy Cap shop. Jump off and fly to the solitary island tree stump off to the north to find the last four coins.

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