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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Metro Kingdom all purple coin locations

How to find every purple coin in the Metro Kingdom

There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And there are two types of coins: regular gold coins that you can find and spend anywhere and kingdom-specific purple coins. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every kingdom coin in the Metro Kingdom. (Check out our guide to the Metro Kingdom’s power moons to find all of those.)

There are 100 purple coins to collect in the Metro Kingdom.

Metro Kingdom coins map

Nintendo via Polygon

We’ve broken the purple coins into sets and numbered the images in the galleries below to correspond to the map above. Follow the numbers, and you can collect them all in one (more or less) continuous loop, starting near the Odyssey.

1-6: Odyssey and Main Street Entrance

1. From the Odyssey, head toward the Spark Pylon, but don’t capture it. Turn to the right and head east along the beams. The first three coins are floating over a gap.

2. Take the Spark Pylon down to the Main Street Entrance flag. The next coins are at ground level in front of the very first building on your left.

3. Use the taxi to bounce up to the fire escape, then climb up to the roof. These coins are on the left (south) side of the roof past the water tower.

4. Continue west and climb up to the next roof. There’s a billboard on your right next to some A/C units. Climb up to the top to find these coins.

5. In the gap between this rooftop and the next one to the west, you’ll find a Spark Pylon. Ride it down to find a ledge with these three coins.

6. Continue around the corner, then climb back up to street level. Use the Spark Pylon and the orange traffic cone-looking thing (Wikipedia tells us this is a temporary traffic bollard, but we’re going to call it a pole) to get back up to the roof. The last two coins in this area are between the two billboard at the far western end of the roof.

7-14: Rooftop Garden

7. Continue around the tops of the billboards around the building in the southwest. You’ll come to a orange pole that will launch you across the street at another fire escape where you’ll find these coins.

8. Use the pole next to the grate to launch you up to the roof and keep climbing to the Rooftop Garden flag. Drop off the north side of the roof to the next roof down to pick up these coins.

9. Head east from those coins and drop to the next roof down. Take the Spark Pylon across the street. These coins are on the fire escape to your left.

10. Continue a little to the left and climb up to the roof. There’s another orange pole that will launch you further up. Jump across to the building to the south, then continue around to the left. A little further along, you’ll see these coins below you.

11. Use wall jumps or backflips to get back up to the ledge you were just on. Between the two buildings, there’s another Spark Pylon that will carry you up toward the roof. Keep climbing to the very top to find these four coins.

12. Use the orange pole at the top to launch yourself to the triangular building across the street to the north. These coins are on just over the edge on the left side.

13. and 14. Drop to the ground and head through the door at the northern point of the building. This is the T. rex escape where you pick up moons 49 and 50. Stick to the yellow lines on the road. They’ll lead you to both sets of coins (and the moons).

15-21: Outdoor Cafe

15. When you get back to the street, turn to left (to the west), and drop through the large manhole into the Underground Power Plant. Continue through the power plant to the area with two spinning beams on top of one another. The first three coins are hidden on a small ledge just before the double beam.

16. The next set of coins is right next to the ones above in the Underground Power Plant. Ride the topmost beam to the right. Use Cappy to grab these four coins.

17. Climb the sign on the south side of the street, right next to the manhole. Use it to jump to the orange pole, and launch yourself up to the ledge above you. Circle around to the right. This set of coins is in the alley between this building and the next to the south.

18. Wall jump back up to the ledge and use the orange pole to jump up one more level. Loop around to the north side to find another set of coins.

19. Drop down to the street again, and head for the Outdoor Cafe flag. Enter the building just north of the flag. (This is where you pick up moons 37 and 38.) Take the pipe at the far end to warp over to the rooftop far to the west. Climb the tree in the corner to pick up the next couple coins.

20. Take the rocket to the challenge area where you get moons 45 and 46. This set of coins is on the back side of the building. They’re obvious but tricky to get to. Ride the spinning poles until Mario is at the top. Do not swing, then jump. This will make Mario drop straight down.

21. Back on the street, head into the alley to the east, then continue around to the back of the building. Take a left, then head into the alley on your left. Ride the Spark Pylon to the roof. Turn around and jump over to the roof to the northwest. Use the umbrellas to bounce up and collect these coins.

22-29: New Donk City Hall

22. Use the Volbonans to climb to the top of the building that butts up against the rooftop cafe — this is where you can collect moon 11. Use the orange pole to launch yourself over to the City Hall to the east. Cross to the far (east) side and look below you to see these coins.

23. Drop to the ledge below, then head to the back side of City Hall. Look between the two metal pillars in the middle to see this set of coins. Slide down and wall jump your way back up to collect them.

24. Continue around the building to the right to pick up three more coins.

25. Back around to the front, head into the New Donk City Hall Interior. The first set of coins is on the left. Use the elevator platform to get to them.

26. On the next level up, you’ll pass right over these coins.

27. Ride the platforms to the right of set 26 up and use Cappy to collect the next set.

28. Cross back to the left, then slide down the pole at the end to collect the next set of coins. Continue through the Interior until you reemerge, or just warp to the New Donk City Hall Rooftop flag.

29. Jump between the walls on either side of the door you emerge from. Climb all the way up to the top to find these three coins.

30-36: Heliport to Main Street Entrance

30. Head east and drop to the Heliport. These three coins are between a couple of metal pillars on the north side.

31. Drop off the Heliport to the south to the street below. Use the Spark Pylon to ride east to the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park. These coins are above a tree in the northeast corner.

32. Head back to the mainland, then turn to the left. Look for a Spark Pylon in the northwest corner of the large building in front of you. (It’s on the right side of the image in the gallery above.) Ride it to the roof, then turn to the right. This set in on the ledge just below the roof of the triangular building on your right.

33. Climb back up to the roof, then head to the eastern edge. These coins are above a beam that juts out into the air — it’s right above where you can pick up moon 10.

34. Head back to the main roof where you landed when your rode the Spark Pylon up. Look down between the buildings a little south of you to find the next set of coins. Drop down to pick them up, then wall jump back up top.

35. Continue south along the rooftops past the Koopa Freerunning start until you’re overlooking the park below. Turn around to find these two coins under a beam behind you.

36. Head back to the north a little to find the large alley and an open door. This is where you can pick up moons 47 and 48. Most of the way through, these coins are floating next to one of the pillars you have to cross.

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