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Super Mario Odyssey guide: Seaside Kingdom all purple coin locations

How to find every purple coin in the Seaside Kingdom

There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And there are two types of coins: regular gold coins that you can find and spend anywhere and kingdom-specific purple coins. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every kingdom coin in the Seaside Kingdom. (Check out our guide to Seaside Kingdom power moons to find all of those.)

There are 100 purple coins to collect in the Seaside Kingdom.

Seaside Kingdom coins map

Nintendo via Polygon

We’ve broken the purple coins into sets and numbered the images in the galleries below to correspond to the map above. Follow the numbers, and you can collect them all in one (more or less) continuous loop, starting near the Odyssey.

1-9: The Odyssey to the Rolling Canyon (and beyond)

1. Once you’re off the Odyssey, turn back toward the cliff face behind you. A little to the right, there’s a narrow gap that you can wall jump up to the ledges above. At the top of the gap, continue right. This first set of coins is in a pool of water past a couple of goombas.

2. Drop back down to the beach, then head out into the water a little ways. Continue swimming east parallel to the beach. You’ll see the next set of coins on a large flat rock about halfway between the Odyssey and the Rolling Rock Canyon flag.

3. Swim back to the beach and hug the cliff face as you continue east. There’s a small alcove (probably protected by a goomba) with three more coins.

4. Turn and head up the Rolling Rock Canyon. At the second turn — the next turn after where you picked up power moon 32 — your next set of coins is on a ledge on the left.

5. You can either continue up the canyon and drop back down to the beach, or you can turn around and retrace your steps. Your goal is to get back to the Rolling Rock Canyon flag. Turn east and climb up the natural steps. The next set is behind the pool at the top of those steps.

6. Drop down and keep hugging the beach as you continue east toward the edge of the map. Watch for an alcove on your right with the next set of coins.

7. Continue all the way to the eastern edge of the map — down where you pick up power moon 18. Continue past the landing and the moonsnake. You’ll find these coins under the water just off the south end of the beach.

8. Hop over the moonsnake and climb up the steps. These coins are in an alcove at the top of the steps.

9. Head all the way back to the Rolling Rock Canyon beach. Jump into the water between the two pillars and sink down to the sea floor. These coins are in an alcove right at the bottom.

10-15: Hot Spring Island

10. Start swimming straight out toward Hot Spring Island. About halfway there, you’ll come to a pair of tiny islands oriented north-south. Swim down to the base of the southern one to find these coins on a shelf.

11. Stay submerged and keep heading north. About halfway to Hot Spring Island, you’ll pass this stack of coins hovering over some coral.

12. Continue around to the north side of the island. Watch for cave near the seafloor. Head inside, then swim up the hidden tunnel. At the top, run off to the left to find the next set of coins.

13. Climb up to the top of Hot Spring Island. The next three sets are around the top. The first set is in the small pond right next to the main hot spring.

14. Hop into the main hot spring pool to find the next three in a small alcove under the flag.

15. Hop back out to find the third set on a ledge on the east side of the island.

16-22: Glass Palace and Ocean Trench

16. From the top of Hot Spring Island, jump into the sea toward the southeast. These three coins are stacked up on the seafloor straight to the east of the Glass Palace.

17. Swim around to the southeast corner of the Glass Palace island to find an underwater entrance. Swim inside, then turn left. These coins are on a shelf on your left.

18. Head back out to the south side of the Glass Palace island, then swim around to the west side. You’re heading to the Ocean-Bottom Maze 2-D area where you picked up power moons 8 and 9. Drop into the northeast pipe. Head to the left, then kick the red koopa’s shell off to the right. It will smash through the block and open your path to the coins. Run and duck to slide through the gap, then jump over to the moving platform. Smash up through the bricks on the right side of the area, then jump up to retrieve your coins.

19. Back up top, swim around to the north side of the Glass Palace island. Watch for a bubble on the seafloor. These four coins are in a circle around the air nozzle.

20. Stay along the seafloor and head north toward the wall on the south edge of the Ocean Trench. Swim through the upper left hole in the wall on your way toward the sphynx (who gives you power moons 35 and 40). These three coins are inside that hole.

21. Once you’re through the wall, turn to the left. These three coins are on a high shelf above the sphynx.

22. Continue heading west toward the Ocean Trench West flag. There’s an island on your left just to the southeast of the flag — it looks kind of like a skull on the map. These three coins are in a shallow depression under this island’s overhang.

23-28: Lighthouse

23. Head toward the Lighthouse. Just south of the well that leads to the back way in, there is a moonsnake spinning underneath these three coins.

24. Drop into the well north of the lighthouse and follow the maw-ray-filled tunnel toward the back door. The first set of coins is under an archway about halfway through.

25. In the final room, before you head up to the surface, turn around and look above you. These coins are on a shelf near the ceiling.

26. Drop off of the lighthouse on the west side. Just watch out for the moonsnakes when you land. These coins are in the small, shallow inlet on the west side of the island.

27. Jump over the moonsnakes and make your way to the south side of the lighthouse. There’s an open door that leads inside where you can find the next three coins.

28. Jump into the water on the southeast side of the Lighthouse island. There’s an arch with these three coins inside.

29-33: Beach House

29. Head straight south from the Lighthouse island toward the Beach House. Just to the north of the Beach House, there’s a shallow outcropping. Swim around to the west side and look for these coins in an alcove patrolled by a cheep cheep.

30. Continue along the west edge of that outcropping. There’s another alcove with three more coins just north of the beach volleyball court (where you can earn power moons 37 and 38).

31. Capture one of the nearby gushens, then head straight south. Watch along the cliff face for a small platform with a few question mark blocks above it. Use the gushen to fly up as high as you can to retrieve these three coins.

32. Turn left and follow the cliff face toward the Beach House. Just to the east of the cave where you pick up power moons 45 and 46, there’s a slightly deeper area. These coins are on the bottom.

33. The final set of coins are on the west side of the Beach House. They’re in a small puddle between the house and the cliff.

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