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Super Mario Run guide: How to master Toad Rally

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Toad Rally is Super Mario Run’s competitive mode, where you race through levels against other players, collecting coins and pulling off stylish moves to earn toad fans. (It’s not strictly a race but it’s race-like.)

Your races against other players don’t take place in real-time. In Toad Rally, you challenge the cartoon ghosts of your opponents who’ve already run through the level, collecting coins and toad fans along the way. (You can see one in the image at the top of this article.)

In this guide, we’ll walk you through Toad Rally, teaching you strategies to defeat your Paper Mario-looking opponents.

How do I get rally tickets?

To compete in a Toad Rally, you’re going to need a rally ticket. You can earn these in a buck of ways:

  • Collect all of the colored challenge coins in one try during a World Tour level.
  • Build a bonus house and play the bonus game. (You can play the bonus game once ever eight hours, and you might not get a rally ticket.)
  • Beat all the levels and a castle in a world for the first time.
  • Place a ? block in your kingdom. (As a bonus, you might get other things, too.)
  • Check your My Nintendo rewards, to see if they’re being offered as a bonus.

Each rally race costs you one ticket, and you can see you current number of tickets at the top of your screen, just like in the image above.

How does Toad Rally work?

After you click on the red rally pipe above, you’ll find yourself on a screen where you can choose your opponent.

Do that, and you’re going up against a competitor to see who can collect the most coins and impress the most toad fans in a set amount of time. At the end of the race, you’ll both earn a score that depends on the coins you collected and the toads you impressed. So those are the things you should focus on: collecting coins and impressing toads.

Do I have to be in first place to win?

Technically, no. Time and speed aren’t really the most important things in a Toad Rally race — coins and fans are. However, going fast means you get to new areas where you can find more coins — and more coins means you have a better shot of winning, so it’s kind of a balancing act.

There is one area where speed definitely counts in Toad Rally: The first player to cross the checkpoint flag gets 10 coins.

So how do I get more coins?

Coins are a staple of Mario games, but they’re extra important in Toad Rally races because they determine who wins. If you want to beat your opponent, you have to make sure you collect more than they do (or get close in a very stylish way).

Level up your enemies in World Tour

In Super Mario Run’s World Tour mode, defeating enemies — by stomping on them, vaulting off of them, hitting them with shells and so on — fills the “Enemies defeated” gauge you see in your end of mission report.

Each bad guy you kill gets you one step closer to leveling up that enemy type. When you fill the meter, you increase that enemy’s level. When you increase that enemy’s level, you get additional coins every time you stomp one in a Toad Rally. (These additional coins only apply to Toad Rally — you don’t get the extra coins in World Tour).

Perform stylish moves to get a Coin Rush

In Toad Rally, there’s a blue Coin Rush meter at the top of the screen. You fill this meter by pulling off stylish moves, stomping enemies and collecting pink coins. When the meter is full, it triggers a Coin Rush, spawning extra coins for you to gather and triggering an almost-but-not-quite Super Star effect on Mario.

When you’re in Coin Rush mode, you run faster (and with your arms back like Naruto), you suck in nearby coins like you’re Luigi with a vacuum cleaner and question mark boxes give you more golden loot.

Make Coin Rush last longer

Left to its own devices, a Coin Rush lasts about 10 seconds, but you can extend the length of the effect, too. Whenever you see little stars shoot from the board to the meter, you’re extending the length of the Coin Rush effect.

As you can see in the video above, every coin that you collect, every enemy that you kill and even certain moves that you perform (like an air spin) generates a star that shoots into the Coin Rush meter to make it last longer.

Follow the arrows to maximize your coin collection

If your goal is to collect as many coins as you can (and it is), then it stands to reason that you should optimize your route for maximum coin collection. Well, there’s a super obvious way to do that: Make sure that you pass through the dotted blocks with arrows. They make coins appear in front of you. If you concentrate on those and your opponent doesn’t, you’re going to win the coin collection battle.

What are stylish moves, and how do I do them?

Broadly speaking, stylish moves are anything that’s a little more than running and jumping.

Stylish moves impress the toad crowd and convince more of them to hang out at the bottom of your screen. Consecutive wall jumps and vaulting jumps are what you’re after here. You can tell when you pull one off because you’ll get a little thumbs-up icon, as you can see in the image above.

Why do I care about impressing toads?

Impressing toads means that (if you win), they’ll move to your kingdom. Also, the number of fans that gather to watch you also gets added to your coin total at the end, giving you a bump that helps you out-score your opponent.

Um, why do I want to collect more toads?

In short, to unlock more stuff in your kingdom. A certain population of different colored toads are required to build buildings in Kingdom Builder mode. For example, if you want to play as Luigi, you need to buy his house from the shop. But before you can buy Luigi’s house, you need to have 150 green and 150 purple toads living in your kingdom.

Who should I race against?

On paper, it shouldn’t matter — no one has any advantages or secret powers. In practice, though, people with more toad fans — that number above their name — have played more and just have more practice. This makes them much harder to beat. You stand a better chance competing against someone with a similar toad population.

Are there penalties for losing?

Yes. Losing the race means toads leave your kingdom (the little jerks). If your toad population drops too far, though, you do not lose any items you’ve previously unlocked.

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