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How to do Super Mario Run stylish moves

Learning to look cool and win Toad Rally

Super Mario Run may be a simple, one-finger platformer, but learning stylish moves will add a bit of flair and make you look cool. Plus, they’ll help you win Toad Rally because every stylish move you perform will attract more toads to your game.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how do all six stylish moves, make the Mushroom Kingdom’s toads cheer and earn extra coins.

What is a stylish move?

There are advanced controls, hidden just beneath Super Mario Run’s surface.

In Super Mario Run, your control options are pretty much limited to tapping the screen to jump. It’s a distillation of the classic side-scrolling platformer that Nintendo’s been riffing on for decades. Simple as it may be in concept, though, there are opportunities for you to strut your style. They’re called stylish moves, and doing them makes your character do fancy things and earns you adulation in Toad Rally.

Stylish moves aren’t complicated to perform, either. You just have to know what to look for and when to tap the screen. It’s really just a matter of knowing what to look for and then tapping the screen at the right moment.

Why do I want to do stylish moves?

To win in Toad Rally mode — where you compete against the Paper Mario-looking ghosts of other players — you need to do two things: collect coins and impress an audience of toads with stylish moves.

The former is easy. Just, you know, run over coins. The latter is all about jumping between walls, mashing on multiple enemies and more. Those are Super Mario Run’s stylish moves.

Score more points

The combination of coins you’ve collected and stylish moves you’ve performed determines your final score. Pull off more stylish moves than your opponent, and you’ll gather more toady fans. Do that, and you’ll have the advantage over your opponent and be more likely to win.

Earn yourself a coin rush

There’s one more reason to perform stylish moves in Toad Rally: Every time you pull one off, you add more fuel to your coin rush meter. When that meter fills up, you unleash a mode that literally throws coins at you for a brief time.

In a game where collecting coins is the key to winning, stylish moves can light your path to victory.

How do I know that I’ve performed a stylish move?

Every time you perform a stylish move, the little thumbs up icon above appears on the screen, and the toads cheer.

Pull off enough stylish moves, and you’ll gather more toad spectators. which you can see at the bottom left of your screen. If you win the race, the toads you’ve convinced to watch appear in your kingdom. And the more toads you have, the more you can build in Kingdom Builder mode.

How do I do stylish moves?

All you need to do is tap the screen — but you have to tap at the right time. That means you need to know what to look for. Below, we’ll walk you through every stylish move, teach you what to look for and show every stylish move in action.

Consecutive wall jumps

Tap the screen when you’re between two walls or pipe to bounce between them and climb up. Toads love this.

Vaulting jump

Your character automatically vaults (or hops) over enemies on the ground. If you tap to jump while you’re vaulting over an enemy, you’ll perform a vaulting jump. You’ll fly higher than a normal jump and impress the heck out of the toads.

Rolling jump

When you fall from a greater than normal height, your character will roll as they land. Tap the screen to jump during the roll, and you’ll pull off a rolling jump that makes toads happy.

Climbing jump

When your character grabs onto a ledge and begins to climb up it, tap the screen to perform a climbing jump, which makes the toads cheer.

Consecutive stomps

Hop on most enemies, and and they die. The toads are noncommittal about this. Hop on an enemy and then bounce onto another enemy to kill both, and the toads go wild. (You’ll also earn bonus coins for each consecutive stomp.)

Threading the ring

You must clear world 5-4 in World Tour mode (where flaming rings first appear) to unlock this stylish move. (You can only do it in Toad Rally’s castle board.)

If you want to impress the toads, all you have to do is jump through the flaming rings.

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