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Remember: Super Mario Run’s missions have cool rewards

Super Mario Run doesn’t require that you connect your Nintendo account to the game, but the missions and rewards you unlock through that connection give you a lot more to do and receive within the game’s basic World Tour and Toad Rally modes. Thing is, it’s easy to forget that these things exist. They’re all hidden behind a menu — and an optional one at that.

A lot of good content lives inside of the My Nintendo menu hovering over the top right of your kingdom, and in this guide, we’ll teach you all about it.

What are Super Mario Run’s missions and rewards?

Link your Nintendo account, and you’ll gain access to a new currency in Super Mario Run: My Nintendo points. You can exchange those points for in-game items — or rewards that you get for doing missions.

Want more coins? You can exchange your My Nintendo points for thousands at a time. Want to play as Toad? All you have to do is link your Nintendo account, and that reward is waiting for you. Want a cool, golden Mario statue? You won’t find it in Super Mario Run’s shop. It’s waiting for you as a reward under the My Nintendo menu.

Also, linking your Nintendo account offers other benefits: You can use your user data on multiple devices and transfer your user data to another device.

How do I earn My Nintendo points?

Link your Nintendo account and then complete missions to earn My Nintendo points.

Where do I get missions and rewards?

Click on the My Nintendo icon in Super Mario Run’s home screen, and you’ll find yourself on a new screen with two tabs — rewards and missions — to tap on up top. Also, above both tabs, you’ll see the total amount of My Nintendo points you have right now.

Tap the Rewards tab, and you’ll see what’s available to purchase using your points.

Tap the Missions tab, and you’ll see completed and available missions. After you’ve completed a mission like "Win 3 times in Toad Rally," you’ll earn the associated number of My Nintendo points (which is 50, as you can see above).

You won’t earn them automatically, though. Return to this tab and tap on the buttons beneath each mission you’ve completed to turn your hard work into My Nintendo points.

Why does this matter?

Some of Super Mario Run’s best purchasable items are tied to your My Nintendo account. Take the gold Mario statue, for example. Though you place it in your kingdom just like something you’d buy in the in-game shop, this amiibo-like addition to Kingdom Builder is only available as a reward.

Nintendo is also expanding Super Mario Run through the My Nintendo feature. That began with Super Mario Run’s first add-on content, which is appropriately themed for Christmas.

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