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How to unlock fighters in World of Light in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

You only start with Kirby, but you’ll find more friends easily

Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Studios/Nintendo via Polygon

World of Light mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a lengthy journey. Straight from the beginning of the mode, you’ll only start with one character: the almighty Kirby. However, the mode will take you hours to complete and chances are Kirby is not your favorite character. To succeed in World of Light, you’ll need to free the spirits of other fights.

So how do you actually end up finding new fighters to play as in the single player campaign?

As you make your way across World of Light, you’ll notice that spirits you can unlock to support you will appear as balls of light and spirits that will give you access to new fighters will appear as winged humanoid looking figures. Beating these fighters adds them not only to your roster in World of Light, but throughout all game modes. For instance, after your first spirit battle, you’ll run across the captive spirit version of Mario. Defeating him in this “Fighter Battle” unlock him. Soon after freeing Mario, you’ll hit a crossroads. From here, you’ll have to choose one of the three fighters on offer.

Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Studios/Nintendo via Polygon

In our playthrough, we had access to Marth, Villager and Sheik. Choosing any of them would set us down a specific course on the map and that choice locked us out of the paths blocked by the other fighters. We were eventually able to get access to those other two fighters later on in our journey across World of Light, but keep in mind that a portion of the map will become inaccessible for quite a while depending on who you choose.

Following our tips in our World of Light beginner guide will help you get through this lengthy mode. Throughout all the winding paths, backtracking and more, you’ll find other characters you might want to play as.

Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Studios/Nintendo via Polygon

If you’re not in a rush to unlock characters quickly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then unlocking characters in World of Light may be your preferred way of getting access them. Remember: Whoever you free in the campaign mode will not only be added to your World of Light roster, but will be playable in every other mode.

World of Light will take you hours to complete, so enjoy the trip, level up your spirits and free all your favorite fighters one at time. For more tips, check out our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide.

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