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Humble Bundle’s popular Pathfinder deal has been extended to March 2

A stack of Second-edition Pathfinder references and guides starts at $5

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Key art from the Pathfinder: Strength of Thousands ruleset
Humble Bundle is offering an excellent value for anyone looking to get into Pathfinder.
Image: Paizo
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Publisher Paizo announced that Humble Bundle has extended its popular “So You Wanna Try Pathfinder” bundle to March 2. It was originally set to expire today, Feb. 23, but the publisher took to Twitter to share the news of its extension, and also to reveal the news that over $180,000 in funds have been raised so far for the Code for America foundation. So, you now have until the middle of next week to reap the savings of this bundle.

(The original post follows below.)

If you think we’ve given Hasbro enough money for one lifetime, and you’re looking for a TTRPG purchase you can feel good about, Humble Bundle is currently offering several tiered options for anyone looking to break into the world of Pathfinder until Feb. 23, starting at $5. The entry-level tier gets you all the references and rulebooks you need to start your own Pathfinder journey, but there are additional tiers at $15 and $25 donations that get you even more fun stuff to spice up your campaign.

The proceeds from your Humble Bundle purchase not only go to the publisher Paizo, which has locked legal horns with D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast but a portion is also set aside to benefit the Code for America foundation. Code for America helps to fund and improve community-level digital services like applying for food stamps and other public benefits.

While Wizards of the Coast has since abandoned its attempts to alter the Open Gaming License (OGL), the framework used by Pathfinder and other TTRPGs, the legal upheaval has led longtime fans of the D&D system to seek out alternatives. The second-edition Pathfinder ruleset and its sci-fi offshoot Starfinder are both excellent systems that we can definitely recommend for their more refined tabletop experience, and interesting origins.

Any of the tiered bundles on offer are great for those looking to break into the Pathfinder system, but it's worth noting that these are exclusively virtual goods, meaning you’ll have to seek out external printing resources like DriveThruRPG if you’re planning to use Flip Mats or a bunch of character tokens for your next campaign.

A minimum donation of just $5 gets you PDFs of the following Pathfinder products, giving you everything you need to spin up your own characters and dive into the larger world of Pathfinder.

If you’re willing to donate at least $15, you’ll get everything from the previous tier in addition to the following PDFs to add a little extra flavor to your campaign.

The best value, however, is the 28-item bundle, which includes everything from the previous tiers and the following additional items if you make a minimum donation of $25. A small price to pay for the comprehensive Pathfinder GM experience.

Update (Feb. 23): Paizo announced that Humble Bundle has extended the “So You Wanna Try Pathfinder” bundle to Wednesday, March 2.