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Humble Starfinder Bundle has everything you need to start playing

The set of digital and physical RPG goodies goes up for sale July 29

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A lithe alien in gray and red armor lands a blow on a purple tyrannosaur... thing. Image: Paizo

Humble Bundle is launching a new Starfinder bundle on July 29. The massive haul of digital and physical books includes everything you need to get into Paizo’s elaborate science fiction fantasy setting. The package starts at $5 and tops out at $50, and that highest package even includes physical products as well.

The Starfinder system launched in 2017, during the interregnum between Pathfinder’s first and second editions. It uses some of the same mechanics that made Pathfinder 2e so sticky with fans, but still retains its own mechanical flavor. It’s the universe itself that folks find so appealing. Imagine mixing up the best parts of Star Trek with Farscape and you’re on the right track.

My favorite species in the entire franchise is called a ysoki, a race of four-foot-tall sentient rat people. There’s also rules for space combat, which allows players to fly everything from nimble fighters to giant, multi-crew starships.

The Humble RPG Bundle: Starfinder by Paizo will include the Starfinder Pact Worlds book in hardcover and the Starfinder Beginner Box, which will ship out in short order. Fans will immediately get access to the Starfinder Pact Worlds, Starfinder Adventure: Skitter Home, Starfinder Society Scenario: The Withering World, Starfinder Adventure Path—Dawn of Flame (4 of 6): The Blind City, and much more. In all, it’s more than $400 worth of content.

The real treasure here, aside from all the pre-made adventures, is that starter set. Paizo puts so much into each of its boxes. There are dice, a short adventure, pre-generated characters, cardboard standees of enemies, and a double-sided play mat. It’s a lavish package in its own right.

This Humble Bundle will start at $5. To get the physical goods, including the hardcover book and the Beginner Box, you’ll need to put down $50. A portion of the proceeds will go to ComicBooks For Kids!, a charity that provides child-friendly comic books to children in hospitals and cancer centers across the United States and Canada.

For more on Starfinder, check out our review.

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