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Undaunted: Stalingrad adds a branching campaign to the award-winning wargame

Osprey’s fourth entry in the series arrives this fall

A female Russian sniper takes aim, flanked by a Russian and a Nazi German infantryman. Image: Roland MacDonald/Osprey Games

The next entry in the Undaunted series, an award-winning line of tabletop wargames, will arrive this fall. Undaunted: Stalingrad celebrates the legendary battle for the Russian heartland, and will use the same card-based system as the original. It will also introduce a branching narrative campaign to the game for the first time. The announcement was made Wednesday in a news release, with more information promised during a livestream on Jan. 21.

Undaunted: Normandy, designed by Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson, was first released in 2019. It blends common card game mechanics like drafting and deck-building with a modular gameboard, and boasts a playtime of just 45-60 minutes on average. The meaty combat and easy-to-learn mechanics helped it earn a Golden Geek Award for best wargame. Its sequel, Undaunted: Africa, also won honors for best two-player board game in 2019. A third entry, Undaunted: Reinforcements, expands the game by adding a solo mode and a four-player mode.

Box art showing the above image, plus a scene of tanks in the open. Blasted, ruined buildings flank the image. Image: Roland MacDonald/Osprey Games

According to the news release, Undaunted: Stalingrad is a “big box experience” that will include more than 300 cards and over 100 map tiles, connected by more than 150 mission briefings written by Black Library author Dr. Robbie MacNiven. “Every bomb blast and mortar shell leaves the very ground for which you are fighting in further ruin,” Osprey said. “Every inch lost to the enemy brings you closer to the jaws of defeat. Over the course of up to fifteen branching scenarios, you will decide the fate of Stalingrad and, perhaps, the war itself.” They also note that the game can be fully reset and replayed.

No specific release date or price was announced.

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