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Dead by Daylight is getting a board game adaptation that includes meat hook minis

Another angle on the survival horror game

Dead by Daylight: The Board Game - the Survivors flee from a Killer figurine Image: Level 99 Games/Behaviour Interactive
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Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where four Survivors have to try and escape a terrifying realm of horror, while being pursued by one menacing Killer. The game is a love letter to the horror genre, with characters from Saw, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 2, Scream, and other horror classics showing up on the roster, alongside an original cast of characters. On Tuesday, developer Level 99 announced Dead by Daylight: The Board Game.

The game will launch on Kickstarter in the near future, but Level 99 shared a few pictures of the figurines while the game is still in production. The Trapper, Wraith, Nurse, and Doctor are all there to menace the fleeing Survivors, who include Meg, Jake, Feng Min, Claudette, and Dwight. There’s also a hook, which the Killers use to snare unlucky Survivors.

Dead By Daylight: The Board Game preview images showing the game board, box, and unpainted minis. Image: Level 99 Games/Behaviour Interactive

When Dead by Daylight launches, minis in the game will come unpainted; the ones shown in the preview are professionally painted by the sculpting team. The game board is covered in brightly colored squares, and each has graphics of running, jumping, and fleeing. It looks like Survivors will have to navigate the board to get bonuses while also avoiding Killers. It will likely have a format similar to a Dead by Daylight match, where the Survivors have to work together to power up generators and open a gate while one supernatural Killer hunts them down in service of a dark, mysterious Entity.

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