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Magic: The Gathering’s New Capenna is set in a neo-noir world of powerful crime families

Powerful cycles of lands and enchantments will finally be completed in the latest Standard set

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A demon, head of one of New Capenna’s five families. Image: Caroline Gariba/Wizards of the Coast

Last week, Wizards of the Coast shared a first look into its upcoming Magic: The Gathering release, Streets of New Capenna — set in a new world inspired by neo-noir aesthetics and Metropolis-style art direction. Although details remain scarce, as official previews don’t kick off until April 7, Wizards did provide an exciting glimpse into some of the upcoming cards, themes, and even special-edition treatments that are sure to get all types of Magic players excited for the next Standard release.

Easily the most impactful news out of the New Capenna sneak peek is confirmation of five new Triomes. First introduced in 2020’s Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, Triomes are a collection of rare lands that tap for three different colors of mana, feature the three land types that correspond to the cards’ mana, and can be Cycled for three generic mana.

These cards will be printed in three different art treatments, including the typical frame, a full-art frame, and a brand-new “skyscraper” treatment that highlights the elite urban world that these lands depict.

Triomes with a standard frame. Image: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube
Triomes with a full art treatment. Image: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube
Triomes with a skyscraper treatment. Image: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube

In addition to the official release and preview schedules, Wizards also announced that New Capenna’s physical pre-release will occur before the set’s digital release, an about face from the last several years of set releases. The complete product schedule is as follows:

  • Streets of New Capenna story: March 28 – April 5
  • Streets of New Capenna story video: March 31
  • Debut video and previews begin: April 7
  • Card image gallery complete: April 15
  • Commander previews: April 18 – 19
  • Commander card image gallery complete: April 20
  • In-store pre-release events and sales begin: April 22
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online release: April 28
  • Streets of New Capenna launch trailer: April 28
  • Worldwide release: April 29
  • Commander launch parties: April 29 – May 1
  • Game Day: May 7 – 15
  • Store championships: July 9 – 17
Copies of the Swiftfoot Boots and Mind Stone cards that will be available. Image: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube

Fans of special-edition cards should mark their calendars for the Commander launch parties, which will offer a chance to earn promotional copies of Swiftfoot Boots. If you bring a friend to the launch party that’s new to Magic, you’ll also snag a copy of Mind Stone.

The five families of New Capenna

The principal theme and story behind New Capenna revolves around five powerful families who rule over various elements of this realm. Each of the families is headed by a demon, and have a corresponding Triome, which old-school Magic players will recognize as the tri-color “shards” from 2008’s Shards of Alara set. The old shard names are ditched in New Capenna, but the family colors and personalities are:

  • Obscura (White-Blue-Black): Gifted magicians and mystics, Obscura use their powers to deceive and blackmail with distractions, illusions, and hidden mechanisms.
  • Maestros (Blue-Black-Red): Elite assassins and old-money vampires who love the finer things in life and are willing to kill to get them.
  • Riveteers (Black-Red-Green): Also known as destruction workers, Riveteers are a rowdy, brute-force crime faction of tough-as-nails artisans that can break buildings as easily as kneecaps.
  • Cabaretti (Red-Green-White): The Cabaretti are party monsters and druids who use ancient magic to sway the opinions of the masses.
  • Brokers (Green-White-Blue): Demonic lawyers who secretly believe a doomsday prophecy of New Capenna’s impending failure.

Players who participate in a New Capenna paper pre-release event will get to choose a family of their preference, and receive a themed pre-release pack, semi-randomized to focus on that family’s colors.

In-game symbols for the five Capena families. Image: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube

Brokers Ascendancy

One of the only new cards previewed in this sneak peek is another installment in a beloved cycle. Brokers Ascendancy is a three-mana enchantment that harkens back to the five Ascendancy cards first introduced in 2014’s Khans of Tarkir. Unlike the original Ascendancy cards, Brokers Ascendancy and subsequent cards in this cycle will be our first time seeing these enchantments in the aforementioned “shard” colors.

Two different versions of Brokers Ascendency. The Golden Age is a very modern, deconstructionist style of art. Image: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube

Like the Triomes, these cards will appear in two versions, the traditional frame and a brand-new “Golden Age” frame.

10 new full-art lands

These days, it wouldn’t be a proper set without some brand-new full-art basic lands, and New Capenna is no exception. Each of the five basics will have two versions of a full-art basic land, which will be found in various booster packs, including Draft and Collector packs.

Five new commander decks

Finally, among the products coming out with New Capenna will be five new pre-built Commander decks, focused on the set’s families, featuring a mix of cards from the new set along with Commander exclusives, designed specifically for the multiplayer format.

Images of the teal-and-gold card boxes. Image: Wizards of the Coast via YouTube

This time around, these Commander decks will also come with a brand-new “Collector Booster Sample Pack,” including two cards with special art treatments highlighting the type of foil and full-art goodies you can find in premium Collector Booster packs.

Official previews for the new set kick off on April 7, ahead of the global release scheduled for April 29.

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