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Sea of Thieves is coming to tabletops this summer

From Steamforged, the folks also adapting Elden Ring and Monster Hunter

title art for Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends, a tabletop adaptation of the 2018 video game Image: Steamforged Games
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Sea of Thieves, Rare Ltd.’s jolly, massively multi-pirate adventure for PC and Xbox, is getting a tabletop game adaptation from Steamforged Games, the designers behind the forthcoming tabletop version of Elden Ring. Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends is expected on shelves in summer 2023, Steamforged said on Wednesday.

The game is billed as a “competitive seafaring adventure for 2-4 players,” according to a news release from Steamforged. Players will upgrade their ships (from Sloop to Galleon), hire a crew and sell off cargo at the main Outpost, and hunt for treasure as they vie for the title of Pirate Lord. Other familiar features from the video game will be present on the tabletop, including the abandoned forts with their skeleton garrisons, and epic beasts like the Kraken and the Megalodon threatening their vessels at sea.

A render of an early mock-up of the Sea of Thieves board game from Steamforged includes colorful cardboard standees instead of miniatures. Image: Steamforged Games

“From a creative perspective, Sea of Thieves’ distinctive art style has been a real pleasure to work with, and looks just as evocative on tiles as it does on screen,” Mat Hart, Steamforged Games’ co-founder, said in a statement. “Rare captured pirate magic with their compelling gameplay loop, and that’s something we’ve strived to bring to the board game, too.”

Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends will retail for $59.95 (alternately, £59.99 and €59.95 for international customers). The box contains more than 150 cards for use in play, 10 standard dice, and 24 standee pieces.

Steamforged most recently published two new “core sets” for Dark Souls: The Board Game, which originally launched in 2017. Its adaptation of Monster Hunter: World, first announced via Kickstarter in 2020, is expected to ship to backers soon.

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