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Disney Villainous getting a slimmer, cheaper reboot in 2024

Disney and Star Wars ‘expandalones’ coming to the board game series, plus a revised base game

The box of the Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil board game, in a teal color and featurin ghte silhouette of Ursula from The Little Mermaid Image: Ravensburger
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The Villainous board game series is getting a new format — and a new, lower price point — in 2024, publisher Ravensburger has announced.

There’ll be two new stand-alone expansions (which Ravensburger calls “expandalones”) this year: one in the Disney Villainous series and one in the Star Wars Villainous spinoff. Both will take a new format, with reduced content — they feature two characters, as opposed to three — and a reduced price tag to match: $19.99, down from $29.99.

The box of the Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite expansion, in a red color and featuring a silhouette of King Candy from Wreck-It Ralph Image: Ravensburger

The Disney expansion is called Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite, and features King Candy from Wreck-it Ralph and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book. It’ll be out in June, and a special edition featuring candy-themed packaging and an exclusive finish on King Candy’s mover will be available exclusively at Target.

The Star Wars Villainous expansion is due out in the summer of 2024, but its title and contents remain a mystery for now.

In addition to the two expansions, Ravensburger will release a new version of the base game, titled Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil, in August. First released in 2023 as a limited Disney 100 edition, Introduction to Evil is essentially a streamlined version of the original 2018 release Disney Villainous: The Worst Takes it All, featuring Maleficent, Captain Hook, Ursula, and Prince John (but ditching Jafar and the Queen of Hearts from the lineup). Again, it will have a lower price point of $29.99 to match the slimmed-down content, and Ravensburger promises the gameplay has been streamlined, too, to make it more welcoming to beginners.

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