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The Lost Boys have arrived in Disney Lorcana, and they are in fact here to mess around

Four new cards for the hot new Magic: The Gathering competitor

Peter Pan, Slightly, Cubby, and Starkey appear in new art for Disney Lorcana. Starkey and Slightly are inland, while the other two are on Hook’s ship. Photo composition: Charlie Hall/Polygon | Source images: Ravensburger and Disney
Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

Disney Lorcana is finally in good supply all over the U.S., and the game is absolutely picking up momentum with players (not to be confused with speculators). The Magic: The Gathering competitor’s next set of cards, titled Into The Inklands, arrives first at local retailers on Feb. 23, and today Polygon can exclusively reveal four new cards from that set. Fans of the classic Peter Pan — or pugnacious and aggressive decks in general — better take note.

Cubby, Mighty Lost Boy, is a 4 ink card with 3/5 and one lore. He gets a buff when he’s at a location. Image: Ravensburger and Disney
Slightly, Lost Boy is a 4 ink, 4/3 card that costs less to cast when Peter Pan is in play. He’s also evasive, with one lore. Image: Ravensburger and Disney

The most exciting cards for Disneyphiles will be the introduction of the Lost Boys. Cubby, Mighty Lost Boy hits hard — especially when he’s positioned at one of the TCG’s new location cards. We still don’t completely understand how those cards will work, mind you, but it’s clear that they are completely different than Magic’s land cards. Cubby also has some staying power with five defense, and he’s good for one lore in a pinch.

Next up comes Slightly, Lost Boy. Evasive means he’s only vulnerable to attack from other evasive characters, and The Fox ability makes him less expensive to bring to the table so long as you’ve got a Peter Pan card in play.

Peter Pan, Never Land Hero, is a 3 ink 1⁄3 with two lore. He gets a buff when Tinker Bell is in play. Image: Ravensburger and Disney
Starkey, Devious Pirate is a three lore, 6/6 that costs 7 ink to play. Image: Ravensburger and Disney

Peter gets a second new card in this set, which will bring his total up to four once Into The Inklands launches. That means you could potentially have up to 12 Peter Pans in a legal Disney Lorcana deck. None of them have shift (which allows you to play the same character on top of another version of itself for less), however, so it’s likely to cost you a pretty penny in ink to haul around all those immature young men in one deck. Regardless, this card, called Peter Pan, Never Land Hero, has Rush, meaning it can attack the first round it’s played. He’s good for two lore and gets a buff when you also have Tinker Bell in play.

Finally, the opposition gets an upgrade with Starkey, Devious Pirate. This six/six brawler has three lore but at a cost of seven ink.

Following the initial release at local game stores, fans worldwide will be able to get some cards two weeks later when the mass market retail release lands on March 8. For more on Disney Lorcana, check out our handy guide for absolute beginners.

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