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Tabletop Games

Critical Role’s head of publishing is turning the indie RPG hit Alice is Missing into a movie

Workers behind D&D, Magic are speaking up about their company’s stance on abortion rights

Fan-made D&D content will soon be integrated into Roll20

Free RPG Day is back — grab these 5 great games, including one from Critical Role

Can Sniper Elite work as a board game? Yes, if you remember the objective

Return to Dark Tower is a fascinating and expensive sequel to the cult classic board game

Cyberpunk 2077 board game from CMON now live on Kickstarter

Meet the TikToker who lets a D20 decide what goes into his lunchtime sandwiches

New E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial board game breaks the franchise’s bizarre curse

The Warriors board game offers the full Warriors experience — if you’d want that

Gloomhaven publisher transitions to Backerkit after Kickstarter’s blockchain push

Take your role-playing game to the stars with Ironsworn: Starforged

Saudi Arabia invests $1B in Embracer, expanding position in games and media

Author of ARC: Doom tabletop RPG honored as Diana Jones Emerging Designer

Like customizing Xbox controllers? Get a load of these custom Dungeon Master screens

Pokémon Go gets a crossover event with the next Pokémon trading card expansion

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