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Tabletop Games

Acclaimed board game Root is a resounding success on Nintendo Switch

Award-winning Lord of the Rings tabletop RPG now available as revised second edition

Are you happy with your fireballs? A new D&D spell survey wants to know

Descent: Legends of the Dark and more great board games on sale for Cyber Monday

The best D&D campaigns

Powered by the Apocalypse is the best way to get started with tabletop role-playing games

Warhammer developer Games Workshop to hate groups: ‘We don’t want your money’

The best family board games for the holidays

New Dungeons & Dragons book is much more than just a Magic: The Gathering crossover

Polygon’s 2021 holiday gift guide

Read an excerpt from the first Critical Role novel, Vox Machina — Kith & Kin

Classic board game HeroQuest makes its triumphant return to retail, pre-order now

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How to host your own Dungeons & Dragons stream (or any other role-playing game)

A cow patterned board game box labeled Herd Mentality sits upon an assortment of cow patterned playing cards and tokens from the game.

In Herd Mentality, it pays to be a part of the crowd

Sometimes the only way to breathe life into a board game Kickstarter is to kill it first

Cy_Borg will provide the cyberpunk apocalypse our society truly deserves

Magic’s Innistrad: Crimson Vow will be a party for the ageless

The Dragon Prince board game: phenomenal cosmic power, itty-bitty skirmish maps

Familiar Tales is a new board game from the creator of Mice & Mystics

The Adventure Zone returns to its original setting for a special 3-part series

Unfathomable revives an excellent board game lost to licensing hell

D&D Battle for Beyond is a star-studded new actual play series

The 22 best board games

Eberron creator Keith Baker will reveal his next project at PAX Unplugged

Magic: The Gathering’s new Odric is a vampire that will get your blood pumping

A sneak peek at the origin story of Critical Role’s Jester Lavorre

Award-winning indie horror RPG Mothership is getting a boxed set, now on Kickstarter

Skyrim board game will include a prequel to the classic video game

Critical Role Campaign 3: meet the characters picking up after Exandria Unlimited

Like the film, Dune’s new tabletop role-playing game understands what makes the book great

Dimension 20’s next season is a 4-part series called Shriek Week

The best Dungeons & Dragons campaign for beginners