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Worlds Beyond Number is the next big breakout actual play podcast

An interview with Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Lou Wilson

Classic Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise Pokémon cards return in fancy new TCG package

Vallejo created 20 new paint colors for your D&D miniatures

The 7 best D&D heists in Keys From the Golden Vault, a new anthology of adventures

Humble Bundle’s popular Pathfinder deal has been extended to March 2

The D&D movie has already inspired a full overhaul of one D&D class

Scythe artist Jakub Różalski returns for a sequel to his award-winning board game

Expeditions is expected in July from publisher Stonemaier Games

Pre-orders begin for MTG’s Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth set

Apex Legends board game coming soon to a tabletop near you

Hasbro CEO on D&D fiasco: ‘We misfired’ on the OGL but have ‘since course corrected’

Magic: The Gathering Arena console release bumped into ‘2024 and beyond’

Acquisitions Incorporated, the OG D&D actual play series, returns for its 15th anniversary

Magic Mirror is the first item card for Disney’s Magic: The Gathering competitor

The best last-minute digital deals for Valentine’s Day

Skyrim’s latest release — yes, we know — is an outstanding board game

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As D&D increasingly goes digital, Dwarven Forge brings focus back to the tabletop

Inside the design of Cities Untold: Lowtown, now on Kickstarter

Warhammer 40K Kill Team set includes miniature miniatures for your miniatures

Magic set includes combo so powerful English language has no words to describe it

The best Warhammer 40K novels are on Audible

You can unlock D&D’s ‘Keys from the Golden Vault’ anthology right now

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The many-tentacled reach of Call of Cthulhu, among Korea and Japan’s most popular RPGs

Chaosium’s take on H.P. Lovecraft has gone global

Cultural consultants will play a bigger role in D&D following racist content in recent book

D&D exec: OGL fiasco worsened by lack of respect for Wizards of the Coast

The Fifth Season RPG will expose N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth to a new audience

The best actual play podcasts that don’t use D&D

D&D’s OGL controversy turbocharges sales of virtually every other tabletop RPG

Warhammer 40K’s angriest big boy is back and he’s going to fight you

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3 things I learned about the 40K hobby by building a scale model airplane

Maybe Space Marines aren’t that tough after all

How two D&D adventures connect to the Dungeons & Dragons movie

Gamefound fell short of its goals in 2022, but still ate into Kickstarter’s lead in tabletop

Alice Is Missing expansion takes the RPG’s silent storytelling in challenging directions

Paizo commits to legal battle against Wizards over the future of Pathfinder and D&D

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