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Tabletop Games

New Pokémon Trading Card expansion brings Hisuian forms from Legends: Arceus

Critical Role’s first major D&D adventure book set in Exandria includes a compelling cast

Shadow of the Colossus inspired a new tactical board game called Leviathan Wilds

Huge Bundle for Ukraine offers more than 500 games for $10

Man sentenced to 3 years in federal prison over Pokémon card

Magic: The Gathering’s New Capenna is set in a neo-noir world of powerful crime families

Ascension Tactics leads our list of the best new board games of March

Tabletop role-playing designers come together to support trans rights in Texas

How to celebrate International Game Master’s Day in style

Critical Role’s Matt Mercer will run an Elden Ring one-shot adventure on Twitch

Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition includes 50 new haunts, better minis, and more

Dead by Daylight is getting a board game adaptation that includes meat hook minis

Critical Role’s seventh anniversary brings the show back to movie theatres

Rare Pikachu Pokémon card breaks its own record at auction

Yes, Yu-Gi-Oh! is still cool 

Avalon Hill teases the third edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live app goes live, but only to select players

Roll20’s new CEO promises change is on the way for the industry leading virtual tabletop

Magic: The Gathering’s Street Fighter crossover cards are available for pre-order

Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina offers justice for Keyleth

Kickstarter is pumping the brakes on blockchain tech, but the car is still moving

Cover art for Call of the Netherdeep.

Critical Role’s new D&D campaign book features a rival group of antagonistic adventurers

Kollok actual play kicks off season 3 with a gonzo two-part premiere episode

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Award-winning designer Jeeyon Shim’s next project blends chess and role-playing

The ‘keepsake’ game will not be funded through Kickstarter

A Goofy Movie board game will help you teach your children what life was like in 1995

The Dark Souls RPG brings fans of video games and D&D together on familiar ground

Neon Dynasty is Magic: The Gathering’s strongest Standard set in years

Andy Serkis is your Space Marine boss in new Warhammer 40K game, Chaos Gate

The One Ring tabletop RPG is a cozy take on The Lord of the Rings

A second Elder Scrolls board game is in development

Wordle game jam transforms the daily puzzle into spells, prophecies, and more

How the Dark Souls RPG differs from 5th edition D&D

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