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Temtem guide: Gone with the Sillaro walkthrough

Find the Lost Pendant to learn a powerful new attack

Temtem Gone with the Sillaro and Technique Courses guide Image: Crema via Polygon
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One of the first people you meet playing Temtem is Clara, who will ask you to find her Lost Pendant as part of the “Gone with the Sillaro” side quest. You won’t be able to help her for a long time, though.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to do before you can retrieve her missing necklace, and give you a map to the Lost Pendant location. We’ll also introduce you to Technique Courses — your reward for completing this side quest.

Gone with the Sillaro

Talk to Clara on the eastern shore of Zadar, the town where you start the game. She’ll tell you she lost her necklace in the river, and ask you to help her find her Lost Pendant.

When you reach the Accadamia in Brical de Mar, the oceanographer there will tell you it was likely carried north and east. (This step isn’t required, but it’s a nice hint to have.)

Get the surfboard

Before you can explore the Sillaro River, you’ll need a surfboard. Complete the “First Steps” main quest to get it.

Find the missing pendant …

Once you have the surfboard, head to Brical de Mar. Cross the river heading east, and turn north. There’s a narrow beach on the eastern shore.

Temtem Gone with the Sillaro Lost Pendant location map
You’ll find the Lost Pendant on the narrow beach east of Brical de Mar.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Look for a sparkling spot on the beach. You won’t get a prompt to interact with it, but hit the interact button anyway to pick up the Lost Pendant.

Return the pendant to Clara in Zadar

Return to your hometown of Zadar all the way in the south — you can take either the long, overland route or just ride your surfboard along the river.

Clara will be waiting along the shore.

She’ll reward you with the TC001: Tsunami technique course.

Technique courses

Clara gives you a special item that will make your Temtem better fighters. Technique Courses allow you to add an attack to certain Temtem.

Temtem Technique Course TC001 Tsunami
Technique Courses allow Temtem to learn new attacks and techniques.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Go into your Backpack, and tab over to Courses — it’s second from the right. Any Temtem in your squad that cannot learn the new technique will have a red X next to them. (They have to be in your squad, not just in your TemDeck). Find one who can learn it — for TC001: Tsunami, look for a Water type — to teach them the new attack.

Technique courses allow your Temtem to learn techniques they wouldn’t naturally pick up. You’ll find 17 more Courses throughout the Airborne Archipelago.

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