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Temtem guide: Saipark

A Temtem reserve where Luma are more common

Temtem Saipark weekly reset Feb. 24-March 1 Image: Crema via Polygon
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With patch 0.5.12, Temtem now has a new area dedicated to capturing untamed Temtem. In-game, the Saipark is a natural reserve for migrating Temtem. For players, this is weekly, late-game content for finding high-level and Luma Temtem.

In this guide, we’ll help you find your way to the Saipark and explain what you’ll find there.

Getting to the Saipark

Before you can reach the Saipark, complete the Quetzal Dojo and the various other objectives that make up “Shipwrecked in Tucma!” You won’t be able to finish this mission until the next island is added in a future update, so just progress as far as you can.

Temtem Saipark location map
Saipark location between Zadar and Brical de Mar on Deniz.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Once you get the Rock-Hopping Hook from Manki, return to Deniz. Head to the Prasine Coast about halfway between the starting village of Zadar and Brical de Mar, and look for a ledge to the west.

Rock-hop across the gap, and visit the welcome desk. You’ll have to pay an entry fee that comes with five Saicards. This first week of Feb. 17-23, the entry fee is 3,500 Pansuns. Future entry fees will be determined by the rarity of the Temtem inside (see below). The entry fee will be announced with the weekly reset.

Saicards are like TemCards, but they only work inside the Saipark. You need them, though, because TemCards do not work inside the park. To capture anything in the Saipark, you’ll need to use a Saicard.

Saicards expire with the weekly reset on Mondays.

Inside the Saipark

There are (currently) three areas of the Saipark: the park itself, as well as two Saipark Caves.

After the second rock-hopping gap, you’ll see a large Saipat statue. Just to the northwest of that — not marked on your map — there is a mini-Temporium. It has everything you’ll need, including a shop. This is where you’ll buy more Saicards when you run out.

Saipark Temtem and the weekly reset

Each week, starting on Mondays, the Saipark will emphasize two species of Temtem. There will still be other species inside, but the two special ones will have different stats, Luma probabilities, and moves.

Temtem Saipark weekly reset
Information about the Saipark’s Temtem (and the FreeTem! rewards) will be announced on Crema’s social media weekly.
Image: Crema/Twitter

Until an information screen gets added to the game, you’ll need to check developer Crema’s social media — like Twitter — for the information on this week’s Saipark Temtem and the entry fee.

On that update, you’ll see the two special species along with their modified stats. This week, Barnshe and Oceara are a lot more common — 30% as opposed to their usual 5%. You’re also twice as likely to find a Luma version of them — though, bear in mind, that this only makes them 1 in 4000, or 0.025% of the population.

The other two stats are blank for this week’s Temtem, but they refer to the number of perfect SVs and egg moves each species will have.

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