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Temtem guide: How to evolve Tuwai into Tuvine

Complete the “Cultist Hunt” side quest and evolve your meta-mimetic Temtem

Temtem how to evolve Tuwai Cultist Hunt Crystal Shrine Image: Crema via Polygon
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In Temtem, Tuwai is the second fighting creature you’ll add to your squad. But no matter how much they level up, they won’t evolve.

Tuwai are, in the game’s parlance, meta-mimetic Temtem. This means that they can take on unexpected types when they evolve. It also means they’ll only evolve in a Place of Power.

In this guide, we’ll help you complete the “Cultist Hunt” side quest in Tucma. That quest will lead you to the Crystal Shrine, where you can evolve your Tuwai into a Tuvine.

Start “Cultist Hunt”

First, complete the Quetzal Dojo and the other objectives that make up “Shipwrecked in Tucma!” and get the Rock-Hopping Hook from Manki.

Temtem how to evolve Tuwai Cultist Hunt Crystal Shrine Valentino and Federico location map
Find Valentina and Federico in the southwest of Tucma.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Head to the southwest corner of Tucma (see the map above), and rock-hop your way across the floating islands to meet Valentina and Federico.

Defeat them in battle, and Valentine will ask for your help. They’ll tell you about the Brothers of the Shard on the far side of Tucma, and ask that you go check them out.

Collect some Bunbuns

When you face the Crystal Temtem Cultists, you’ll need an entire squad of Crystal type Temtem. You’ll also be fighting squads of Crystal types.

Since Crystal type attacks aren’t great against Crystal types, you’ll need to pick your squad carefully if you want to do any meaningful damage. The answer to that problem is Bunbun.

Temtem how to evolve Tuwai Cultist Hunt Crystal Shrine Bunbun squad
Bunbuns have three attacks that are strong against Crystal types.
Image: Crema via Polygon

High-level Bunbuns have three attacks — Sand Splatter, Mud Shower, and Stone Ball — that will make your upcoming fights much easier. And, if you hunt for them in Kakama Cenote, the Bunbun you capture will be between levels 35 and 40.

Temtem how to evolve Tuwai Cultist Hunt Crystal Shrine Bunbun Kakama Cenote location map
Kakama Cenote location.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Make sure you have a few TemCards or TemCard+ and visit the mini-Temporium near Dr. Sugey in the south of Tucma. Head west on your acid-proof surfboard to find Kakama Cenote.

In the center, where you fought Max earlier, wander in the grass. Capture as many Bunbuns as you can — it’s not a bad idea to just capture six to make an entire Bunbun squad.

Find the Crystal Temtem Cultists

Once you have your squad of high-level Bunbuns, head to the east, near the Narwhal’s crash site. Rock-hop across the gaps until you spot the Cultists.

Temtem how to evolve Tuwai Cultist Hunt Crystal Shrine location map
Crystal Shrine location in eastern Tucma.
Image: Crema via Polygon

You have four fights to go through before you reach the Crystal Shrine. All four opponents use Crystal type Temtem. Use your Bunbuns’ Sand Splatter and Mud Shower attacks. You’ll do huge damage each time and defeat most of your opponents’ Temtem with just a couple hits.

If you ever have to heal up, visit the Narwhal crash site and talk to Octlana.

When you’ve beaten all four Cultists, head back across to Valentina to complete the side quest.

Where to find an untamed Tuwai

If you’ve released that Tuwai you got at the beginning — maybe to make some money — you’ll need to capture a new one.

Hunt for them in the Corrupted Badlands area in the center and north of Tucma. They’re pretty rare, so you might have to hunt for a while.

Evolve Tuwai at the Crystal Shrine

With all of the Cultists defeated and Valentina informed, return to the Narwhal crash site. There’s a TemDeck Station in the fog directly southeast of Octlana. Place your Tuwai in your squad, and backtrack to the Crystal Shrine.

The altar behind Chahuatl is the Place of Power you’re looking for. Place your Tuwai into the altar to evolve it.

Temtem how to evolve Tuwai Cultist Hunt Crystal Shrine Tuvine stats
Tuwai evolves into Tuvine.
Image: Crema via Polygon

It will become Tuvine, a Wind and Crystal type. Currently (as of patch 0.5.12), this is the only meta-mimetic evolution available.

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