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Temtem guide: How to find 7 of the rarest Temtem

Locations for the most elusive Temtem in the game

Seven of the rarest Temtem and where to capture them Image: Crema via Polygon
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The collectible creatures in Temtem come in many shapes. There’s room for at least 141 in your TemDeck, but you can only capture or breed 74 at the moment.

Some Temtem are easier to find than others, though. In this guide, we’ll tell you which Temtem are the rarest and where you can (try to) capture them. We’ll also tell you their type and weaknesses so you know which rare Temtem is best for you.

Before we begin, don’t forget to pick up the Four-Leaf Clover item to increase your chances of catching untamed Temtem.


Barnshe is the first rare Temtem you’ll be able to catch. It’s Wind and Mental type, so it’s great against Neutral, Melee, and Toxic types. It’s also one of the earliest Mental types you can capture, so it’s valuable for that reason.

The downside to Barnshe is that they’re extremely vulnerable to Electric type damage — to the point where a single DC Beam from a Ganki — one of our favorite Temtem — can usually one-shot them.

You’ll find Barnshe on the top floor of the Windward Fort at the north end of Deniz.


Gyalis is one of the three fastest Temtem in the game, with the others being Oceara (below) and Ukama (another of our favorites). This means it will always attack early in a round.

It’s a Crystal and Melee type, so it’s good against Mental, Electric, Earth, and Crystal types. They’re weak against Fire, Earth, and Digital, but outside of Anak Volcano, you won’t run into those types very often.

You’ll only be able to find Gyalis in the Mines of Mictlan region of Tucma.


Crystle is the only one of the three starter Temtem you can capture in the wild (for now, at least). Unlike the other rare Temtem on this list, it only has one type: Crystal.

Being just Crystal type means Crystle is only strong against Mental and Electric type opponents. Its strengths and weaknesses are similar to Gyalis above.

You’ll find Crystle in Mines of Mictlan and Kupeleleza regions of Tucma.


Oceara are the second rare Temtem you’ll be able to catch in. They’re a Water type, so they’re good to catch early in preparation for Anak Volcano. Like Gyalis, they’re fast and will attack early, and they learn strong techniques like High-Pressure Water and Tsunami at relatively low levels.

Oceara (and all Water types) are strong against Fire, Earth, and Digital types. You’re not going to encounter many Earth or Digital types in the game yet (until more Temtem and islands are added). And that means their effectiveness is limited.

We should note that this Kickstarter update from June 2018 suggests that Oceara will be available as mounts in the future.

You’ll find Oceara on the highest floor of the Aguamarina Caves near Brical de Mar in Deniz.


Shuine don’t have the most impressive stats, but their odd mix of Water and Crystal type makes them interesting. (They’re also arguably the prettiest Temtem after Tateru.)

That mix of Crystal and Water means they’re strong against Mental, Electric, Fire, Earth, and Digital types, and weak to Nature and Melee. They don’t learn their strongest techniques until pretty high levels, though.

You’ll find Shuine in the Kakama Cenote region of Tucma.


Tuwai aren’t technically a starter Temtem, but they’re the second Temtem you pick up early in the game. For much of the (current) game, Tuwai are just a Wind type and they seem to refuse to evolve. As a Wind type, they’re great against the Toxic types you encounter around Tucma, but not much else.

Tuwai are currently the only meta-mimetic Temtem in the game. That means that they’ll only evolve at a specific location, and that they’ll be able to take on several different types when they do.

Right now, Tuwai will evolve into Tuvine when you reach the Crystal Shrine on Tucma. Tuvine is a Wind and Crystal type.

You’ll find untamed Tuwai in the Corrupted Badlands region of Tucma.


While exploring Omninesia, you’ll be told about Kinu as a very rare type of Temtem. They’re considered guardian spirits. Per the official wiki, Kinu are the rarest Temtem with a occurrence of 4% (as opposed to 5% for the rest of the Temtem on this list).

Kinu are Mental and Nature type. That makes them strong against Water, Earth, Neutral, and Melee types. As one of the earliest Mental types you can capture (along with Barnshe above), they’re great to have in your squad for dealing with annoying Melee and Neutral Temtem.

You’ll only encounter Kinu in the Giant Banyan in Omninesia — and only after you defeat Dr. Hamijo in Anak Volcano.

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