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Temtem guide: How to make money

Farm Pansun by releasing Temtem

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You’ll need Pansuns, Temtem’s in-game currency, to buy all of the items you use, from Balms to Revives to TemCards. Since you need all these items to keep your squad of Temtem in fighting shape, you’ll need to have plenty of money on hand.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make money early in the game, and then show you where you can farm Pansuns a little bit later.

Defeat NPC Temtem tamers

During your time on Temtem’s first island of Deniz, you’ll make the majority of your money from defeating the NPCs who challenge you. The Pansuns you get for winning depend on how hard the fight is.

Sell items

At every shop, you have the option to sell some of your items. We’re including this because it’s technically a way to make money, but we don’t recommend it.

You’ll only get a percentage of what the item costs to buy, and most items are too useful to sell off.

Release captured Temtem for the FreeTem! Organization

Temtem FreeTem! Organization location map
The FreeTem! Organization’s location on Omninesia. They’ll reward you for freeing Temtem.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Once you reach the second island of Omninesia, you’ll have a new way to farm Pansuns. Just to the southwest of the Breeding Center, you’ll find the FreeTem! Organization headquarters.

Inside, speak to the FreeTem! Coordinator. As part of FreeTem!’s mission, you’ll be rewarded for every Temtem you release. (You can release Temtem as soon as you capture them, from a TemDeck, or from your squad.)

After you release at least one Temtem, return to the FreeTem! Coordinator. They’ll pay you for each Temtem you’ve released. The amount you get is based on the Temtem’s rarity and level — rarer Temtem and higher levels gets you more Pansuns.

This means you can farm Pansuns just by fighting and capturing the untamed Temtem you encounter in the world. You only have to make sure you always have a supply of TemCards.

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