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Temtem Weekly Reset, Saipark details, March 9 to March 15

The Temtem to catch, their stats and Luma rates, and the Saipark entry fee for this week

Temtem Saipark weekly reset Feb. 24-March 1 Image: Crema via Polygon
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The next Weekly Reset for Temtem is here, and the entrance fee, the Temtem available in the Saipark, and their stats have all changed.

In this Temtem Weekly Reset guide, we’ll tell you what to look for with this week’s reset, which lasts from March 9 to March 15, 2020.

Temtem Weekly Reset March 9 to March 15 announcement

Temtem weekly reset announcement
Weekly reset announcement for March 9 to March 15.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Initial fee

You’ll need to pay 2,300 Pansuns to get into the Saipark this week. Admittance comes with 36 Saicards.

Saipark Temtem species available March 9 to March 15

This week’s Saipark Temtem are Blooze and Deendre.


Blooze is a Toxic type Temtem. That makes them great against Water and Nature types, and weak to Wind types. They’re great to have in Omninesia and the waters around Deniz where their Toxic attacks will have the most effect.

After 25 levels, Blooze evolves into Goolder. It’s largely the same as Blooze, but Goolder has the highest hit points (HP) of all current Temtem.


Deendre is a Nature type Temtem. Nature types are strong against Water and Earth types, and weak against Fire and Toxic types. That means their usefulness is limited to wet areas like the waters around Deniz until more Earth types appear in the coming updates.

Luma rate

The Luma rate for both species is not changed from the wild rate of 1 in 8,000 as of the 0.5.12 patch.

Single Values (SV)

Both species have minimum SVs this week. A perfect set of SVs will add up to 350, so Blooze’s 147 and Deendre’s 168 are roughly average (a little low, but it’s hard to be picky).

Egg Moves

Neither species will have any Egg Moves this week.

FreeTem! rewards

If you free 200 Temtem this week, the FreeTem! Organization on Omninesia will reward you with a couple Telomere Hack – SPD. These will let you keep a parent’s speed (SPD) SV stat during breeding.